[3.1]Corpse Queen | | Lots of deeps and lots of tank [HCA]

I have been using this build because I did not want to make another Inquisitor build. It has been really amazing the whole way. Right now the biggest issue is trying to get 100% uptime for elemental overload but I just need slightly more crit chance. Also the VD orbs sometimes totally ignore a target I need to focus so I might be switching to DD or trying 5-link cremation for those situations.

If you aren't already (didn't see it in the skill gem section) adding arcane surge to your desecrate works perfectly. Just keep it at the right level for the mana cost and it has 100% uptime.

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Also I'd just like to add the single target DPS is indeed insane. Was able to nuke Izaro in the third lab with my trash gear. Between the orbs and maybe stacking cremation (usually not needed) it's pretty crazy how strong it gets. I honestly see a possible VD nerf incoming.
heya, i'd like to try the build out though i dont have currency to buy a shroud atm, what would you recommend to run as a substitute. ty

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