3.1 The Poet's poem, 12-14+ abyss jewels, any spells viable. UNPROFESSIONAL

this is my take on a poet's poem abyss jewel overdose build

Required uniques
is all you need

my gear and links

ignore jewels on belt...
2 poet's poem is a given, the links you have depends on what you feel is most satisfying for you, i recommend glacial cascade and bladefall, but my computer can't handle blade fall for some reason.
ashrend, hrimnor, hrimsorrow and emberwake are uniques i found while leveling and provide decent stats, these are all are 100% swappable.
boots, rings and amulet are all swappable as well.
the belt is valuable and don't provide any stats by itself, it's not a mandatory unique but for the sake of abyss league, i prefer investing what i can into abyss jewels, 12-14 good abyss jewels will provide you with plenty of power.

for jewels, life, increased damage on kill, increased damage against abyssal monsters and reduced phys damage taken from abyssal monsters.
attack speed is probably not necessary, 4 attacks per second or less is what the build needs, currently at 3.98

btw, for flasks, probably a hybrid or a life flask, 1-2 adrenaline quicksilvers, 1 life flask or more. you could probably manage some utility flasks somewhere as well.
I usually do not read popular posts again after i made a comment on it, unless it's one of my own. I aspire to one day have something of my own added to Path of Exile, but with no success. Big fan of the grim reaper, make a classic black robed grim reaper set plzzzz ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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