3.1.0c Patch Notes

just need to add to the crying......fix spell echo on spectres....enitre builds suffering on launch weekend :(
Qarl wrote:

Fixed a bug where Ancestral Protector and Ancestral Warchief had a smaller melee range than intended while Unarmed.

YEEEES my facebreaker totems are aliiiive
Fixed a bug where the monsters in the Lookout Map boss encounter were able to be used as minions.

Take that Sexcalibure.
Qarl wrote:
3.1.0c Patch Notes
  • Fixed a bug where Abyss monsters could spawn too early in certain areas and interfere with normal Abyss mechanics. We still have one case of this to fix, it should be resolved in the next patch.

well, sorry but nope.

just got one in a solaris temple act 3, I found a small "monster geyser" while I was avoiding the abyss 10 meters before, then lots of mobs started spaning
I ran back to the starting point to make it spawn in time and got my chest but I guess the bug is not totally fixed

cheers and good luck
So where is Aaragon to tell all these specter players to just shut up and hold on? "High Priority" my ass, Lol. :P
vladimars wrote:
BassTone wrote:
Good stuff guys! Thanks for working hard.

can we get a fix for potato quality? I'd like to set my texture_quality back down to 4 so I can play.


I'm pretty sure you can do this in your config file still. Or you can upgrade your potato for better feels everywhere, it's Christmas, you deserve a little love.

I'm finally upgrading my potato this year. I've had an i3 processor (Intel HD Graphics 4400) for years and it's fine if you're just using it for miscellaneous tasks, but playing games with it... can be a literal nightmare. Constant frame drops and the loading time is abysmal. Decided to invest about $750 into an i7 so I can finally play this game with some decent fps. Sadly, it won't arrive until after Christmas.
spell echo and specters next please
Super lame, time to wait until patch before playing again. Smh and on a new league too for shame

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