Ascendant (Deadeye and Trickster) Essence Drain - 3.1 Cheap (all content viable, Begginer Friendly)

Hi everyone, this is my first posting build on PoE, and I try to create a good build for the patch notes of 3.1, the ggg nerfs. Then I search very differents builds, like ED of Ghazzy or ED of ADNGamer, very good builds of ED, but in this time I search some new, and I think now is time to Ascendant's builds.
Due to nerfs for ES on 3.0 I did this build based on life. But if you prefer ES build I think that it's viable too. Then, there we go.
Advise- my english is very bad, sorry for that:(

1. Theory and basic info
2. Skill tree and Ascendancy
3. Pantheon
4. Gems and sockects
5. Gear
6. Leveling guide (in progress)

1. Theory and basic info
This is a essence drain build (ED) with a Scion. The builds used a Occultist or Trickster are very common, then I search to do some different. This build is based on life due to nerfs on energy shield (ES), but if you prefer ES version I think is worth it too changing the skill tree and life in prioritys for ES, for example:

The most important is your ability to move and evade the attacks and spells of the mobs whereas you use a double projectile of ED causing a big degeneration.
The Ascendancy give us the deadeye double projectile, piercing (very good for ED) and projectile speed. The trickster ascendancy give us more survivability and damage (if the energy shield is not full)
Priority Stats

3.Mana or mana regen

1.Chaos Damage
2.Spell Damage
3.Damage over time
4.Projectile ### (speed or damage, according to your preferences)

-You don´t need a 6 link for the first maps, only for the end game (tier 12/13)
-Damage can´t be reflected
-You have your life regen and flask to save your life in risk situations
-God clear speed and boss killer
-Cheaper (only 6L is needed and for the best version a Kaoms Heart and Witchfire Brew). You can upgrade your budget
-Not depending of labirint (only need cruel to do a lot of damage)
-HC and SC viable

-You need move around the mobs, this build isn´t a press button and destroy, needs some ability
-Leveling is easy, but not is the better
-Not good in big parties (only 2)

2. Skill tree

The better option are 2 points extra, but if you want help something I think the best option is Oak for 1% life regenerated and 2% of physical damage reduction.

We want to pick in first time the Deadeye ascendancy, because we want have a lot of damage the earlier possible. I think pick the Trickster ascendancy first is a bad idea, due to we will lose damage and a second projectile (it will do our farming more easier).
The second ascendancy is Trickster for safety and in the end we can refund the tree with Path of the Shadow (gaining 2 skill points from the refund and other 2 from the ascendancy)

3. Pantheon

Major gods:
-Soul of Lunaris: In my opinion is the best option, reduction of physical damage, avoid projectiles and can be changed to the soul of solaris for the boss fights
-Soul of the Brine King: if you percibe that you are stuning or freezing a lot, please take this power.

Minor gods:
-Soul of Gruthkul: is a good option, more physical reduction
-Soul of Ryslatha: for the lab

4. Gems and sockets

Main attack: Essence Drain+Added Chaos Damage Support+Void Manipulation Support+Swift affliction support+Controlled destruction support+Slower Projectiles
This is our main skill, who consist in damage over time degeneration. Essence drain scales with dot, chaos damage and spell damage, then search all of this in your gear. Change slower to faster projectiles for mapping if you have enough damage.

Curse: Despair+Faster Casting support+Contagion+Increased Area of Effect Support
If you prefer change faster casting for blasphemy and put contagion in other link socket with faster casting you can do it, but I think this is the best option with the sinergy of our Ascendacys (Deadeye give us a bonus to the further projectile goes).

Survivability: Cast When Damage Taken+Immortal call+Increased Duration support+Vaal Haste/Grace
CWDT and Immortal call with level 1 of CWDT and 3 of IC is enough adn you can change the vaal for a chaos or stone golem

Movement: Leap Slam+Faster attacks support+Wither+Spell totem

If you have sockets free (because you don´t have the kaoms heart) you can use a golem(I think chaos golem is better for reduce the physical damage taken) or totem with culling strike for bosses, some auras (purity of ###, arctik armour or vitality). In your leap slam you can add fortify and change the whither and spell totem with faster casting and contagion in other different sockets with faster casting, increased area of effect and arcane surge.

5. Gear
Only two uniques are needed, Cane of Unravelling and Kaoms Heart. Use rares for cap your resistances, more life and gain more damage. It´s easy and cheap because the kaoms and Cane of Unravelling aren´t prioritys (and cane of Unravelling is cheaper).
The boots, helmet and gloves are better with rolls of armour to receive less physical damage and be more tankines.

Flasks: Use a life flask of stauching, a life flask (inmunity to shock or dot), a quicksilver flaks of heat, a witchfire brew (only needed for endindg maps) and mana flask with a suffix that you prefer.
When you have Witchfire Brew you can change your curse (despair) for enfeeble.

Jewel: We have 4 jewel for more damage a survavibility.
1.Chaos Damage
2.Spell Damage
3.Damage over time

I will post the leveling guide in the near future.
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Your title says cheap, your guide says kaom's heart is required. Nice MEME.
sorry but..the gem setups are pretty bad, the item set is meh, and the tree is totally awful! like seriously check some threads about what it worths to pick and what doesnt. it seems like your char would be 3 times stronger with the right tree and right item+gem sets
Yep, I'm doing changes in the build and testing diferents ideas, and in the near future I will have a rewritte in the post. Ty for your coment:)

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