3.1 Chin Sol Shrapnel Shot QotF Concept

This was a concept I had thought of when looking at the new volley gem. I thought man it's going to look great having a solid wall of freezing pulse go out from you, what other abilities would this work with?

Thus I came up upon the idea of using shrapnel shot in the same manner. I wanted to run a ranger with full elemental conversion that had a skill mostly overlooked by other players. Came up with Shrapnel Shot as our main map clear skill and obviously Barrage as our single target. I also wanted to be able to use Herald of Ice and Thunder because freeze is awesome and MTX makes it look sexy. Also CWDT-Golem of your choice, Immortal Call and Blood Rage. Decoy Totem and Blink Arrow as other defenses. Also Point Blank with Chin Sol. Within the tree we also have Acrobatics, Knockback on Crit, 181% Life with 4.5% Life Regen

Over all PoB numbers while taking out Frenzy/Power charges and flasks its looks very underwhelming don't get me wrong but I tested it a bit on standard with a 4 link and a 5 link and not so great gear and lower level map clear is pretty decent. Also the character was a Blade Flurry build with no node in Bow or Projectile damage. I think the build will be a decent starter with good move speed and clear speed for mapping. The only problem I see being that it won't be great at bossing past T13 but I will have to test it more to be sure and won't be able to do that until 3.1 release tomorrow.

Please take a look at the pastebin PoB and let me know what you think in the comments below and come check me out leveling it on twitch.tv/hostialemerald

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Hey there! :D
Hi morph :)
in harbringer i did for fun a shrapnel shot marauder.. killed all guardians very easily with very cheap gear.. you can check him out its name is MenDontBow.

please bear i mind bacause i had so little time to play in harbinger i didnt had time to optimize my gear,i just managed to buy a tempest binding before league ends..

in abyss i ll try something similar i think but maybe i'll try another class(ranger-assasin or slayer) for fun.

personally for clear skill ice shot+chain is great, i tried shrapnel shot with good results also..

shrapnel shot was used more as a boss killer, its real power is the cone dmg with the 2 threshold jewerls.. along with chin sol and point blank its close range damage and freezing abilities was awesome

i started with barrage but:
1) i was sick with the knockback of chin sol to hunt the boss all around,
2) barrage is harder to aim
3) barrage has not area damage

when i switched to shrapnel shot along with its major freezing abilities all my problems i had with barrage were solved( dont get me wrong barrage in t16s is superior but not so budget as shrapnel shot).

if you want i can upload a video from a chimera run to check it out.

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