[3.1] HELP NEEDED - Ancestral Warchief Juggernaut Lab Farmer - Abyss League Starter

Hi POE community,

In the last league, I played the AW Berserker Lab Farmer (facebreaker version) as a league starter. While I do have decent damage with starter league gear, I still feel extremely squishy. Therefore I have decided to make a Juggernaut variant of that build (212% life from tree, stacking armour with jugg). I don't really know whether this build will truly work, in terms of dps and viability etc, since I am still pretty noob at making builds, so I really need help for suggestions and advice for my current build/tree. I try to keep everything in the POB The obvious downside I see in my build is that it is a 93 tree and I have 0 jewel slots.

POB link: https://pastebin.com/AGKZM4Vd

Thank you so much in advance!
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I'm by no means any sort of expert on builds but the most success I've ever had with lab stuff with totems was as a Chieftain never felt in any real trouble. I think I did uber at level 70 with 0 issues?

The totems taunting, leeching, and defense buffs... are pretty amazing. Just a thought.
the problem with other classes than chieftain or zerker is that ur only life gain is based on ur flasks and general life reg :/. cheiftain has leech and zerker has warcry heal ;)
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If you want tankiness in contrast to Berserker, Chieftain is better. Jugg isn't good for totems given the other two choices.

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