What happens when you let an algorithm write the 3.1.0 patch notes

I ran the patch notes so far for War for the Atlas through a Markov Chain text generator and wanted to share its results with you.

  • Vaal Pact has been significantly increased.
  • You can now drop items -- just not very many.
  • Carrion Burrowers are now displayed on separate lines.
  • Monsters can now be found in the Epilogue town.
  • With 3.1.0, there are Standard and Hardcore variations of the river.
  • Removed several of Silk's old dialogue options that were out of their nests.
  • Dawn can now be temporarily prevented by sources of Curse Immunity.
  • Added a new Rogue Exile based on the attack or cast time of the Sands. This quest can be divined.
  • Iron Will can now Leap Slam.
  • Fixed a bug where Doedre could kill Abberath, the Cloven One before it transitioned into its later phases.
  • You can now dismiss Help Panel by pressing ';'. This can be divined.
  • Wickerman Righteous Fire damage has been renamed to the Pantheon.
  • The passive skills which have multiple forms or phases no longer cross unwalkable gaps.
  • Many passive skills behind Mind over Matter now grant increased Physical Attack Damage (rather than 10% increased Damage).
  • Existing Vulnerability Skill gems are now a little more dynamic during the Act 10 finale.
  • The Basilisk now has a cooldown.
  • Take too long, and the Trial of Ascendancy has been increased from 8 to 9.
  • Added a visible Tutorial barrier to the server.
  • You can now throw his shield, and it doesn't make your floors more comfortable to walk on.
  • Reduced the damage dealt by the trade API.
  • Fixed a bug where some Vorici mission requirements would continue to be six-linked.
  • The Abyss League includes a set of exclusive new properties and can now be viewed in the Options menu.
  • Skills with modified cooldowns now show their rarity as they're emerging.
  • The Challenges tab now displays the number of stone pillars. The pillars now die when the encounter ends.
  • Fixed a lot of skills, areas, monsters and effects.
  • Challenge leagues are a great opportunity for a fresh start in a small area and creating an orb which moves towards nearby enemies before dealing spell damage based on the Broken Faith unique item
  • Ruthless Support can no longer activate the map pin hovers for areas added in The Fall of Oriath.
  • Earthquake's radius has been moved to the Open Sarn Arena.
  • The default minimum for Dynamic Resolution Scaling is now destroyed in Part 2. You should check it out. It's pretty neat.
  • Doomfletch: Now adds 100% of Physical Damage while holding a Shield.
  • Vulnerability has been significantly reworked. It is now on the character portrait drop-down menu.
  • The beams in the skill icon shows which auras are active. Auras from other sources will still appear in your hideout.
  • Reduced the amount of burning damage dealt by the level of the Abyss challenges you completed during this league.
  • Reduced the amount of reflected Lightning damage to attackers. Instead, it triggers a mortar spell targeted at your location. This spell has a 25% chance to launch a lightning soul on death.
  • Life regeneration mods have also had their boss fights with The Elder and his four Guardians.
  • Catarina missions which require you to disconnect.
  • Fixed a bug where French rare names were not destroying chests, cairns and barrels.
  • Sulphuric Striders and Undying Operators can no longer activate the map device.
  • The boss of the skill gem levels up, dealing 76% more damage and the Abyss League.
  • Map mods have been added to the boss rooms of maps that were out of their art.
  • These items can only be obtained in areas where the automatically-updating public parties tab would turn off AFK mode.
  • Fixed a bug where the Vaal Ruins in Act 6 now move more quickly
  • Your minions (and their minions) will no longer simply flee.
  • Players can now smack around players who are having trouble very early on.
  • Path of Exile: The War for the most part, changed.
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Good stuff.
Actually it looks like legit patch notes.
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Bex_GGG wrote:

[li]Vaal Pact has been significantly increased. [/li]



Questionnaire on cognitive dissonance,

If = a transwomen joins a womens group and interupts women from speaking
does = she exhibit male privilege and toxic masculinity?
oooooo I love these!!!
I dont see any any key!
KEK this is hilarious.

You can now drop items -- just not very many.

real patch notes now
these are the gem

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