[3.1] Build Mjolner-Discharge/Cyclone/Molten Strike

Introduction !!!

Table of Contents

1. Videos
2. Pro & Contra
3. Gear
4. Passive Skill tree
5. Bandits
6. Ascendancy
7. The Pantheon
8. Leveling Guide

Hello everyone !! Here it's my build mjolner discharge cyclone + molten strike and my first build on this forum but this build is in construction so !!

1. Videos
In progress

2. Pro & Contra

--> Pro
10-14k armor for 5-6k life
You can swap Armor with Kaom's Heart for more hp ( +500 or 1000 miximum life) and more fire damage on molten

--> Contra
Need level 70-73 for play with the mjolner with full gems 20/20%
Need the level 75 for being full stuff
Chaos damage not block

3. My Gear

4. Passive Skill Tree 40/60/80/100

Tree Level 40

Tree Level 60

Tree Level 80

Tree Level 100


Take in the first normal Maze the Intelligence point and the Skill point in the witch tree !
After take the point for unlock Witch ascendancy elementalist point and the second Skill point in the cruel Maze.
At the next, take the Path of the Witch and the Strength point in marauder tree at the merciless Maze.
And for finish, in the Uber maze the Skill point and the Marauder Ascendancy with berserker point.



Kill them all for have the two passiv points

Leveling Advice

So for leveling, nothing complicated! Level 2 start tabula rasa and I advise you to play with an arc up to level 40-42 with split arrow and the gems that can buff up on the tabula rasa then lightning arrow with a Death's Harp is not bad of the all ! Before arriving at Malachai, start to change equipment by starting to put armor in place of the tabula rasa and have good two handed mace or a shield and a one handed mace and passing on sunder + molten strike or you continue to bow !!!

It's for you to see, but my preference is for one handed mace + shield for more resistance, more attack per seconde and possiblity to take ancestral protector who do good damage and buff you.

You can do alone the first lab from the level 36 or higher ! At the level 40, you need absolutely to do the second lab for the elem point. At the level 50 you need to do absolutely the third lab for unlock the witch tree or you will block for the next points!! Ask a rush is more simple ^^!
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Sounds interesting, but could you pls explain how the charge-generation works, or said differently you should explain how the combination of your gems works.
I know this build is still under construction, but I'm looking forward to read it when it's completed.


Never forget to prais RNGesus!

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