3.1 Skeletal Confetti Solo-Support - Vaal Summon Skeleton FPS Destroyer 51 Skeles

You may be asking yourself "what the [expletive redacted] is a 'solo-support' ?"

I created a summoner with the hopes of being able to support while still being able to play the game solo relatively safely, being that I played it in 10 day mayhem with a few 5 links for the majority of the 10 days.

It is literally unplayable without dead reckoning jewels and even then it requires a lot of button pressing and dodging, it has no offensive abilities but cleared breaches within breachlord domains relatively confidently, if you don't understand what that means, during mayhem breaches can be active during the breachlord map and stack on top of each other causing massive breach density that would otherwise overwhelm most characters.

Between the Commander of Darkness ascendancy node, rallying cry, haste, and quad curse I effectively doubled a friend's sunder character's tooltip damage from 50k to 110k (curses obviously not factored into tooltip.)

Rallying cry gives a bonus 150% damage per 100 enemies nearby + a static damage increase.
Commander of Darkness gives 30% + 20% elemental res + 3% attack and cast speed on top of haste giving it's own 17% attack and cast speed.

As far as I know rallying cry doesn't apply to skeletons.

And finally for skele damage, flesh offering for an additional 30% attack and cast speed on skeles.

with a 6 link and all your 20/20 gems your skeles do roughly 80k per skele with all the curses active at lvl 92.




Liven up any party with undead confetti explosions

Relatively Inexpensive and easy to play SSF

Good for people with ADD

Can clear most content solo

Isn't an auramancer or mana guardian so it gains more benefits by partying with them



No movement skill unless you drop something for leap slam/faster attacks.

Not the fastest leveling experience if you're not used to skeles

Struggles without gem levels in T6+ maps

May cause carpel tunnel syndrome

Very easy to lose your character in the mess on screen

Lots of buttons to press



Just grab freeze pulse and ignore summons for half the game, grab skeletons once you get a Dead Reckoning and a From Dust. You can pick up a 5 link staff relatively cheap, and even a 6 link staff from The Dark Mage cards if you want, I rocked a blue 6 link for a while until I got my sire of shards to link and just used GMP in it. Around 50-60 you should be bulldozing the story content and able to avoid bosses. You can start mapping around 68-70 but I would recommend having at least a 5 link staff and both your dead recokning's before you try to map as you won't be doing much damage at all.

The skeletal mage damage is highly dependent on gem levels, for example a 5 linked lvl 19 summon skeletons with all 20/20 support gems does 12k damage per skele mage, but a 20/20 summon skeletons does 45k per skele mage.

You can actually do a fair bit of extra DPS if you set up a 4 link Dark Pact setup and spam it on your skeles, I did it for the majority of the leveling process up into some breaches.






You really don't need uberlab.

Commander of Darkness -> Spirit Eater -> Beacon Of Corruption -> Mistress of Sacrifice

Lab is pretty painless until uberlab as long as you can dodge and have an instant life flask, I didn't try uberlab in mayhem but I'm going to assume it's not very pretty unless you're fully geared, which is fine because mistress of sacrifice only adds 30% more duration to your skeletons and honestly you cast fast enough with spell echo that you never need it.

DPS in PoB:


^Fire skele mage DPS when enemy is struck by cold or lightning skeles

Damage on cold/lightning skeles after another element hits is 50-55k, since they're constantly nova-ing and they don't exactly attack at the same time there's hardly any overlap so they're always procing EE.

Total DPS as long as you keep every curse up is about 550k non-boss damage, makes trash clearing pretty painless.

This thing kept up with T10+ 20 rogue exiles and upwards of 5-10 strongboxes popped at the same time without paying much attention at all, it's not fast but it's safe. You can actually box out a lot of bosses because they can't handle 6 skeles being summoned on their face every half a second and don't agro on you.

Bosses have a rather hard time attacking you and get very easily distracted by skeletons, which is fantastic in a party because it allows anyone with heavy DPS to hammer on the boss while they're stuck in a skele-clump.

Vaal Summon Skeletons: Your Dead Reckoning makes this 15 mages instantly cast with an extra 20 friends along for the ride to tank, this is an instant massive DPS boost and should be saved for bosses, strongboxes, essences, breaches, and very dense maps. If you want to try it, throw on a 4 link Dark Pact setup and go nuts. It stacks with your skeles for a grand total of 51 active skeletons.

Vaal Summon Skeletons is underrated.



I end up dropping the Cospri's for the Kaom's in higher tier boss fights, it prevents random one shots. With Cospri's you're looking at about 5.7k hp at 92, and somewhere between 7.2k and 7.4k at 92 with Kaom's. The trade off is losing about 20k of your damage from the curses.





Anatomical Knowledge

Fluid Motion

2x Dead Reckoning

From Dust

To Dust(final jewel you would throw in at 92.)

Alternatively you could alt craft some Minion Damage/Life/ jewels instead of the To Dust.

Gem Links:


Optimally you would want to use:
Sire of Shards Skele setup: Summon Skeleton -> Pierce -> Ele Focus -> Minion Damage -> Spell Echo. Drop Spell Echo in a 5 link since it's the least useful.


Sire of Shards acts as an artificial 7 link, giving you a free GMP as a nova.

Curse on hit setup in Cospri's: Bladefall -> Curse On Hit -> Warlord's Mark -> Elemental Weakness -> Projectile Weakness and additionally flammability or icebite if you're running a 6 link.

Vaal Summon Skeletons -> Conc Effect -> Minion Damage -> Minion Speed (If you have a +2 minion gem levels helm it's more comfortable than faster casting or spell echo.

Immortal call -> CWDT -> Ball lightning -> Knockback support


Ball Lightning -> CWDT -> GMP -> Knockback Support

(ball lightning procs EE and the knockback can save you in large packs if you happen to get overwhelmed, gmp just makes it push the entire pack back. The sound it makes is terrifying.)

Rallying Cry on it's own or with increased duration.

Arctic Armour

Haste (hopefully in an unset ring with +2 socketed gem levels)

Flesh Offering

Stone Golem


if you're running a 5 link cospri's or can't color it properly:

Spell Totem -> 1 of your curses. The totem casts for you.

Dark Pact -> Faster Casting or Spell Echo -> Conc Effect -> Controlled Destruction

Leap Slam -> Faster Attacks -> Fortify

Skill Tree:


Path of Building pastebin: https://pastebin.com/5ueuSDTt

lvl 92 skill tree: https://pastebin.com/bWLkcKhc

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