[ELE] 3.1 Frostbolt Frozen Trail with Curses

Updated for 3.1. Still my only character I took though the uberlab.
This build took a hit from changes to Mind over Matter. Still an incredible tough lady (4k HP, 3K ES, 2K mana). I actually dropped life and mana for cast speed, run speed and an extra frenzy charge.

Lots of Frostbolts with Pledge of Hands, 4 frenzy charges and 2 x Frozen Trail.
4L Frostbolt with 4L curses will do:
- Frostbolt - Faster Cast - Ice Bite - Hypothermia - (Added Cold - Controlled Destruction)
- Orb of Storms - Curse on Hit - Frostbite - Elemental Weakness - (Warlord Mark - Culling Strike)

It's a versatile approach:
- Frostbolt freezes and shatters all trash on screen and bosses upto about T8.
- Boss killer with dual curse, Frost Bomb, Culling Strike.
- fat effective health: 2 golems, 1 totem, Health, ES, Mind over Matter.
- Frostbolt can be switches for Freezing Pulse if you got the jewels.
- 4 Frenzy charges. Also 3 Endurance charges with tripple curse.

My bandit pick is Kraityn. With 6% runspeed and 6% attack speed he's my new favourite.

My golems are Stone and Lightning:
- Lightning gives the best tooltip DPS and also increases mobility.
- Stone for tanking. Fire gives more tooltip DPS, but Stone is better to distract monsters.

Some things to consider:
- With cast speed in range 5 to 6 casts per second EE doesn't cut it anymore.
- Dexterity remains an issue. I got to pick dex nodes across the board, including a +30 dex node.

Skill tree current level (90)


with jewels: 2 x Frozen Trail, Clear Mind, 1 x rare jewel of choice

Curse-o-Tron: 3 curses and culling strike with Orb of Storms

Optionally the Scram-o-Tron: Leap Slam, Smoke Mine and Anti-Freeze.
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