Is this a bug? Talisman mob in standard?

I ran a map after that and had the same exact thing happen, had a talisman mob and a tormented spirit appear in the map mod list.
Last bumped on Nov 15, 2017 1:02:51 PM
Would this be your first time playing that character in a while?

Were they created in Legacy League?
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Yes and yes.
That sounds suspiciously like old Leaguestones being consumed. Do you still have that tab on your Achievements/Prophecies screen? I'm guessing no, but if you did, that would really close the case.
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and where is the spell dodge coming from?

could it be sextants? According to wiki these sextants do not exist but they undertook one big rework. So theoretically if you applied them before the rework they could have stayed there. I personally dont remember any of these mods but the truth is I dont use sextants much..
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