Missing zana

so I entered a new beach map, found a zana earby the starting location, talk to her, was given quest but no portal spawn....

can be seen in image, that shows minimap that i havent gone anywhere, missing zana, or the portals, but there is a zana text on the right side of screen https://imgur.com/gallery/5v1jvrY
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Did you use the /bug chat command while in the map she spawned in?

What was the number?
update, I went and continue with the map, killed the boss and the mission is now stated completed,however, i have gone through the whole map, but I cannot found zana.
i have not use the bug command as i did not know about it.
and luckily i was still in the map, here is the bug code: 2,716,473,974
This is not a bug. This is the special Zana mission you get in your first map. You have to complete the current map (she doesn't open a new one) then talk to her in the Templar Laboratory.
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