The press tour itself was a great success. After the huge release of The Fall of Oriath earlier this year, we found that more news outlets had journalists with extensive Path of Exile experience to talk to us. It was also great to catch up with the journalists who have covered every one of our expansions so far and to show them how the game has evolved further with this new expansion. We can't wait to see what you think on Thursday when it's announced!

While you wait for the official announcement, we have a small teaser of some upcoming unique boots!

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Grinding Gear Games

maligaro's boots, calling it!!!
That is highly disturbing, especially the teeth soles. But also super cool
Nice boots ;)
could you imagine sticking your feet into those boots?
Those boots!
IGN : Bible_Black
Look at the teeth row on these boots! Nice.

Will the new supporter packs also be announced on Thursday, or later?
IGN: TotemicSlamr (Fips_PoE - War For The Atlas, Betrayal League)

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O boi

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