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[3.1] BF PF with Claws, will destroy all contents

it is wrong that only elemental damage will destroy end contents (shaper, Uber-atziri, and so on)

Hello, i did finish this harbinger league with Elemental Damage Raider. and I prepare next build for 3.1 version. This time, i want to play with PF.

* Very fast attack speed (over 9/sec)
* Enough maximum life (over 6k)

* If you want more life (7k)...
* need good control as u know



Helmet: Starkonja's Head (high +life, good attack speed (10%) and so on)
Gloves: Shaper's Touch (for good +life, +accurary and melee damage and so on, but no resistance)
Body Armour: Belly Of Beast (or carcass-jack)
Belt: (* reduced flask used 16%) + life + 2 resistance
Boots: rare (+life + 3 resistance + 15% moving speed is enough)
Amulet: rare (life + res + critical multi + critical chance) + enchant (+physical damage)
Ring1: rare (life + res + ...) based on steel ring (if prefer) + enchant (+physical damage)
Ring2: same
Main Weapon: claw (pdps +280, attack-speed:+2, critical chance:+7.5)
OffHand Weapon: DeathHand

flasks: dimond +



* prefix: 7 inc life + attack speed
* suffix: attack speed + critical chance / multi

Gem Link

Main Skill: Blade Flurry + Melee Physical Damage + Maim+ Increased Critical Strike Chance + Ruthless+ AoE (Concentrated Effect)

Aura: Hatred + Herald of Ash + + Enlighten

Orb Of Storm + Power Charge On Critical + Culling Strike

Ancestral Warchief + Faster Attack + Increased Duration + Melee Physical Damage

Summon Ice Golem

Whirling Strike + Fortify + Curse on hit + Vulnerable

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