IS there any DW axe or mace builds in 3.0

is there any builds for duel weild axe or mace please post them
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There is no point in true dual wielding at the moment, only in few builds, people mostly use high damage in main hand and stat stick in offhand (stat sticks like eclipse, tempesteous, etc)
If you are interested, there is a decent build with scion (uses mace) which can probably be alternated into marauder as well, crit variation as far as I'm aware.

There is also Alkaizer's DW sunder, which he showcased on youtube that you can probably find just by typing exactly that on youtube search.

There is also Wings of Entropy, a 2 handed axe that counts as both, 2 handed and dual wielding, there are few builds utilizing it as well lying around.

Your best bet would be to search on youtube, to see the overall feel of the character before everything, since most of build posters have youtube videos up with build link in description.

Personally, I love Wings of Entropy, even if the item is mediocre at best in current state of the game, and most likely can not clear the actual endgame... It is one of those weapons that I really like, but the "wasted" fire and chaos damage nodes will really nag at me, and trying to make either of them a realistic/effective bonus strikes me as more trouble than its worth.
And trying to scales physical portion only is mediocre at best.
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You posted this in the marauder thread, and technically the build I'm going to suggest to you is an inquisitor, but it is a true DW build. If you'e super into the clearspeed meta this may not be for you, since the AoE is only ok, but the damage is really quite good.

I proudly present to you my Doryani's Catalyst Dual Strike Inquisitor!
In this build, I use dual strike, and convert 100% of physical damage to elemental, in order to take advantage of all of the stats my chosen weapon (Doryani's Catalyst) provides. The sceptres can roll up to 340 pdps, and 132% increased elemental damage. This makes their theoretical damage when ele conversion is applied is really insane. Currently I use Hrimsorrow gloves and the phys to lightning support gem to achieve my 100% conversion. Other than those gloves and the sceptres, I don't use any uniques in the build (unless you count Might and Influence, the dual strike jewel, which I don't, since it's a given if you're using dual strike). The offensive stats you want to look for on jewelry and your belt are added phys damage (which can only appear on unique belts) and elemental damage with attacks. I'll detail my gem links below

In order of importance:
Dual Strike-Multistrike-Melee Physical Damage-Elemental Damage with Attacks-Physical to Lightning-Increased Critical Strikes

Leap Slam-Faster Attacls-Fortify

Orb of Stroms-Increased Critical Strikes-Power Charge on Critical Strike

Cast when damage Taken (5)-Immortal Call (7)-Increased Duration-Vaal Haste

Ancestral Warchief-Physical to Lightning-Elemental Damage with Attacks-Concentrated Effect

Floating Gems
Hatred, Herald of Ash, Summon Ice Golem
(I support my ice golem with minion life, so I don't have to recast him as often)

My Tree

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