Sub-1 hour Act 5 Kitava kill (with gear list)

Hello Non-Redditors!

I did a deathless, sub- 1 hour Act 5 Kitava kill in twink (but affordable!) gear. Here's the YouTube and Reddit:

Not a perfect run (I screw up some of my gear swaps around Vaal and Dominus) but a few minutes faster than any of my other attempts (I attribute it to good layout RNG mainly).

ANYWAY someone on Reddit asked to see what gear I used, so I figured I could post here and link all the gear. So here it is. No Legacy stuff, corrupted stuff, or OP rares. You could go buy all of this stuff on poetrade right now if you wanted.

Starting Gear

Plus a Tabula with Cleave, Onslaught, Chance to Bleed

Act 1 Swaps

Gems added: Ancestral Totem, Added Fire, Maim, Leap Slam

Act 2 Swaps

Gems added: Sunder, Faster Attacks (on Leap Slam), Melee Physical Damage, Herald of Ash, Blood Rage

I should probably also swap in an Asenath's Mark here (and then swap back to Ezomyte Hold in late act 3, probably Lunaris 2, to prevent stunlocks)

Act 3 Swaps

Gems added: Hatred, Ancestral Warchief, Faster Attacks (on Sunder)

Act 4 Swaps

Golrdim goes on only when I feel I need it (just vs. some bosses like Daresso and Malachai)

No act 5 swaps.
Last bumped on Nov 29, 2017 10:23:28 AM
Oh man that's amazing, would be great to see a full run if you ever decide to record one.
HC: fastpst / pstfast
Invasion: pstblast
Ambush: pstflick
how long do you need in a fresh league until act 10?
my best time is 8 hours. can you give me tipps how i can beat up my time?

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