(3.1) Dual Wield Slayer Sunder Fast Clear Speed T16+, Guardians Down

3.1 Update: I've checked over the build and the build is pretty much the same as last league, the only thing that affects the build would be the nerf to Lion's Roar which isn't too big.

If you are struggling to get Varunastra due to the price of it in the Abyss league I have altered the tree which can be found here www.poeurl.com/bG0G.

The tree removes the Deadly Dilettante nodes and puts them in Splitting Strikes for leech and more damage.

Also further more rather than Varunastra you would use

If anyone has any questions please feel free to drop me a message :)

Welcome to my Dual Wield Sunder guide, there are plenty out there so this may not be anything new to some people however this is how I play it.

We make use of the Resolute Technique keystone so that our attacks cannot be evaded while dual wielding a Soul Taker so we can reserve all our mana, and a Varunastra so that we can make use of all one hand physical damage nodes on our tree from nodes such as Deadly Dilettante.

This is an incredibly fast moving mapper making use of Whirling Blades as our movement skill and very fast attack speed, we also use blood rage for extra attack speed and leech.

The build also has great survivability through Arctic Armor and Fortify on our Whirling Blades, with some armour pieces to help mitigate physical damage.

Current progress is that all guardians have been done deathless, T15 twinned maps deathless, will upload videos as soon as I get chance.

Still not done Shaper yet however it will be do-able and I will upload a video once I have completed it.

+ High survivability
+ Fast clear speed
+ Can be budget friendly
+ Can run all labs
+ High DPS & life

- Medicore single target damage
- Physical & elemental maps run with caution
- Require's you to be aware and dodge enemy attacks

Hideout DPS With Aura + Herald

Hideout DPS With Aura + Herald + Blood Rage

Hideout DPS With Aura + Herald + Blood Rage + Warchief + Flasks

Defence & Stats

Passive Tree List:

First we go for Resolute Technique as soon as possible so that none of our hits can be evaded

Tree 1

After getting Resolute Technique we then move through the Duelist part of the tree taking life, damage & leech

Tree 2

We then want to take the following nodes through the ranger tree, up to constitution on the big life wheel, By The Blade near on the Marauder side and Deadly Dilettante near the Duelist. By this point we should have Varunastra to take advantage of those nodes

Tree 3

After that we then take the 4 notables at the bottom of the Duelist area so that we can make use of the Inspired Learning Crimson Jewel, fill out the life nodes that we missed to the right of the Duelist area and the big life wheel, we also take all the axe damage on the far left side of the Marauder area. The is the last leveling tree, the final build will be below.

Tree 4

Final Tree:

This is the final tree, if you do plan on going to 100 there will be points remaining, at this point it is up to you to decide whether you want more damage or more life.


Leveling Gear

There's plenty of items you can use to level up this below here is a list of a few of them.

  • Tabula Rasa
  • Redbeak
  • Brightbeak
  • Goldrim
  • Elreon Jewellery
  • Meginords Heavy Belt
  • Lochtonial Caress Guantlets
  • Wanderlust Wool Shoes
  • Screaming Eagle
  • Carnage Heart

Sunder Setup

In order of when you should take them

  • Sunder
  • Melee Physical Damage
  • Maim
  • Concentrated Effect
  • Multistrike
  • Damage On Full Life

Cast When Damage Taken Setup

  • Cast When Damage Taken - Level 1
  • Immortal Call - Level 3
  • Enfeeble - Level 5
  • Increased Duration - MAX

Warchief & Blood Rage

  • Ancestral Warchief
  • Maim
  • Blood Rage
  • Blood Magic


  • Whirling Blades
  • Faster Attacks
  • Fortify


  • Herald of Ash
  • Arctic Armour
  • Hatred

  • 1. Bane of Legends
  • 2. Endless Hunger
  • 3. Brutal Fervour
  • 4. Headsman

Soul of Lunaris - Major God

Soul of Yugul - Minor God

  • Physical weapon damage while dual wielding
  • %Damage
  • %Physical Damage
  • %Life
  • Attack speed while dual wielding
  • Melee damage
  • Intelligence
  • Resists

  • We want 7% life on our jewels then ideally 2 damage mods, if you need Intelligence or Resistances these can be made up through your jewels.

    Inspired Learning Crimson Jewel is a great jewel if you can afford it, the potential of this jewel is incredible at least until we gain a Headhunter belt in which case we could remove it at that point.

    • Elemental Reflect
    • Physical Reflect
    • Bloodmagic

  • Elemental Reflect can be done by turning off Hatred and Herald of Ash

    Bandits: Kill all or Oak, I personally kill all
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    great build, this build is for u if u like speedy builds!
    ATX Miditower AeroCool P7
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    princenat45 wrote:

    Kill all or Oak

    I personally kill them all for 2 points
    Any suggestion to use until to get varunastra?
    Hey dude, why you use Varunastra in off-hand? Sunder use only main hand weapon for attacks
    Varunastra give only two things: tooltip DPS (which not true, because Varunastra not used for attacking anyway) and whirling blade. So, Rigwald's sword or even Death's Hand seems much more better for offhand
    i Realy wonder how you reach 133k Hideout dps.
    i think my gear is a tick better than your, but i only reach 78k so im sure i miss something i cant see.
    any help ?
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