[3.1] Quill Poison Raider | ALL map mods | Fast | "Tanky" | 3M DPS | Facetank | 100+ arrows/second


Very nice build, thanks for sharing ! Did you already compare it with this one : http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2068178/page/1 ? I would be curious to know which one performs the best.

i tried out this build (normal quiver, normal quill rain bow), can said:

- so slow in leveling; cannot one shot creep
- not a fool proof since some creep can get close to you from their skill or stun you
- low accuracy since many unique items are not give accuracy

this make me so reluctant to play quill rain bow because it is really slow... and because getting longer time to hit/kill enemies the more risk to death is especially fighting boss.

i change it to lionglare bow (high pdps/aps/far shot) to fast leveling at max 20% aps (QR is 100% aps). improves but not decent yet. might consider next poison ranger build: assreacher or volkuur.
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