[3.0] negusmaster's New and Improved Twilight Farmer!

Ever wanted to see how high you can effectively level in Part 1 Twilight Strand? Ever wanted to create a cheap and beastly build that is viable in both SSF AND HC? Out of ideas to submit to Grandmaster Hall? Tired of trying to get Beginner's Luck? Annoyed by heralds and auras blocking your lovely microtransactions? Annoyed by purely theory crafted builds without an INDEPTH video guide?

If this answers all the questions above, this is definitely the build for you!

Welcome to the Twilight Farmer Build!

Here you will find how to effectively level in Twilight Strand of Normal to form a beastly exile and drop a unique! (for the Beginner's Luck achievement)

Here's how I reached level 8:

Here's the very informative video build guide: https://youtu.be/hzzMEdFJhEQ
HIGHLY recommend watching the video (only 3 minutes)

Path of Building pastebin link: https://pastebin.com/jK02btDU

- Fun to play!
- Handles all Twilight Strand end game content!
- Build has a video guide
- HC and SSF viable (I played on HC SSF Harbinger)

- Sometimes may be hard to gear

My Gear


Class Selection
Scion is by far the best class as it has access to Harrier as well as attack speed AND movement speed nodes. With the addition of Onslaught Support, you can now have 20% increased attack speed AND movement speed.

Unfortunately, we don't reach the Aspirant's Plaza and we can't ascend. After all, unascended Scion's portrait looks better than Ascendant's

Gear selection:
Your gear is basically dependent on your RNG and gem drops.
Look for these stats on gear:
Weapon: 2 1H's or 1 2H's with preferably flat damage, attack speed, % physical damage
Helmet: Rarity, accuracy, dex
Gloves: Rarity, flat elemental, flat physical, attack speed, accuracy, dex
Boots: Movement Speed, rarity, dex
Rings: Flat elemental, flat physical, accuracy, rarity, dex, attack speed
Amulet: Flat physical, rarity, accuracy, dex
Remember: We DON'T want a chest or shield, as they have hidden reduced movement speed, although I'd say the MTXs might be worth it, up to you.

Note that Twilight Strand time has an instance length of 1:30. I recommend using a timer when done with the run. Exit to character selection, reset timer, and play again once the timer reaches 0s.

Beginner's Luck
with 23% rarity
(found at level 7 on a previous rendition of the build)
Last bumped on Sep 19, 2017, 11:06:36 AM
Hi, I am new and will definitely look into this. Nice video.
realy cool build!
Hi. Nice build, i luv it but have some troubles with gearing up. Your guide states that getting flat phys on rings is a good idea but one of your ring called Damnation Turn Iron Ring(a tasty piece of cake btw) is too hard to acquire. I don't think i can afford that, what should i use instead? Also, is there any way to lower the c/d of the area?
That is amazing build. I was looking into going into HC and this is super nice entry build. I have issues with flasks, but I think in time I should be able to get them all.
Thinking of going with this build in the next league, would it work as a league starter?
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