Since the release of The Fall of Oriath we've introduced many new microtransactions that have been well received in the community. We also shared insight into the development process of the Ultimate Chaos Armour Set which included many pictures of the armour set in progress. Since both of these have generated some community interest, we've decided to share some concept art from recently introduced microtransactions as well as a sneak peek of an upcoming shield.

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Grinding Gear Games
wtb demon king shield
Ohhhhhhhhhh first page

PS: WTB Demon King Shield
Demon shield <3
Hf :)
glad you added some shields but I am still waiting for THE shield mtx I wanna use (atm just use skins of regular bucklers or daresso's/thousand teeth).
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Looking forward to the demon king shield, will go well with my set :D
pic 1 is fantastic. i want that demon king shield too
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