[3.0] Aegis Max Block Blade Flurry Theorycraft

Pretty standard build, just wanted to see how it'd fare in 3.0. Obviously, dps is a little low at 160k, but as maxblock there isn't much choice.

Flasks up 44k AR, no flasks 15k. 5.3k life and 1k es, using varunastra. Decided against using surrender because you only need 12.5k AR with aegis to beat 250 life on block. Meanwhile I have 44k, which is ~900 es on block. Overall higher ehp.

PoB pastebin: https://pastebin.com/euaGmYb9

Tell me what you guys think.
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I think the dps is way too low for the higher tier maps. You are at about 100k with no flasks and pretty much any successful build needs to be hitting that 200k+ threshold without flasks or buffs if you don't want to suffer too much and there are plenty of incredibly tanky builds that do just that.

Just top of my head, Xirgil MaxBlock Scorching Ray looks pretty promising at 7k ES with Chaos Innoculation and 270k unbuffed Scorching Ray, making it immune to reflect and pretty much 20% chance to start energy regen per block so you get spikes of 200-500+ ES regen per second whenever you block. It's pretty much the old Aegis build, but worst cuz of ES nerfs. Still, recharge isn't the same thing as regen, so your safe against no-regen maps.

The second build off the top of my head is my own league starter flurry/block build that costs about 50chaos for all equipment.

It has something like 300k unbuffed, no maim, no bleeding, nothing just a plain slap in the face is 300k and that's with 5.3k hp with 70% block, and that's without belly of beast since I'm using Bringer of Rain as a budget build.

I'd probably be sitting around 5.7-6k life with Belly and about 100k more dps with it properly 6-link instead of using Bringer of Rain's pseudo-7 link. So about 400k for a shield/weapon character. Pretty much 4 times more damage then this build, with better tankiness cuz if I wanted I could use the bloodseeker claw to get instant 1-2khp vaalpact for a loss of 50k dps.

And use Enduring Cry periodically to get 600hp regen per second. So pretty much unless it instant kills me. The survivability of my build at least double that of this Aegis Build and it has almost 4 times the damage.

I dunno, I really tried to make an Aegis Build this season, too. But for me it's just way too hard to get enough armor without losing like 200k dps and then your wasting nodes into random things trying to get to that part of the tree you need. The DPS is just too low. And it's not even more tankier than other builds.

The best way I could see Aegis work would be to switch to Templar/Guardian because they have inbuilt armor buffs with ES buffs in their ascendancy tree. So you free up more nodes to get more dps and use Reckless Defense Jewels to get 75% Spell/Physical Block using the Pantheon to reduce your chance of getting crit. But even then, I'm not sure how the damage will be compared to other tanky builds.

I've really only seen one good Aegis Build from another player who had 11k ES, with a 1k ES gain per block but his equipment was really good. Probably not something any normal player could get in any reasonably amount of time.
I suggest u go crit with varunastra i played for a long time only with 200 As from sword notes + 460 from varunastra + ice golem and hitchance was barly fine.

Also depending on items u could maybe exchange grace for hatred but i suppose this is ok.

i would def cut the templar area
and either go more into armour at marauder side or go further into the raider side.
Elemental Convert seems also better as just phys.
Also the life note circle from scion is an option.

And max block especially as a gladiator don't need a lot of es u should try to hit ~1k and ur fine.
btw u can have pretty crazy dmg if u really want to optimize it.

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