[3.1] Berserker Facebreaker Ancestral Warchief Deathless 500K Tooltip Shaper Deathless Vid Updated

Path of Exile 3.2 Facebreaker Berserker Ancestral Warchief Deathless Shaper



I decided to update this thread a bit...(less paper dps, no faster attacks)
but more life

Since they destroyed my #1 BV Shaper(all Content) Killer ES based, I managed to build my 1st life based toon:

~ 7,7K Life
~ Now 400K DPS per Totem Pure Brutal Physical DPS
~ 40 Phys Red no Flask ( With correct Flasks, 90% Easy)
~ 80/80/80 Res
~ 800 Life Regen
~ 35 Chance to block
~ HC Viable


...not the fastest, but really relaxed fight.

...and cute Starforge Drop


...New Vid, but sooo laggy, hard to play like this, sometime my FPS drops to 1 fps
while recording

Former Special Item: The New Gruthkul's Pelt( U still can play it for more DMG)

Now simple:

with NEW Gem Setup

Core Item: Facebreaker Gloves

Tukohama's Fortress is nice to have, but we can do this also with Great Old One's Ward

DPS:(No Aura,No Golgem...No Ele...)

New DPS 989% FB

New DPS 814% FB




Enjoy and Greetings!!!

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gonna try this in abyss league. hope u will update since 3.1 is gonna be released
sure i will. my build will always be here...

look i play 4 years all OP toon died.

but now i dont need VP, acuities , ES Pools 20k + , i just stand there. all dies.


448k dps with legacy facebreaker, better show real stats with legit items. this is misleading for new players ;)
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What is this "guide" for exactly? How is this build different than guggelhupf's tried and true The Warchief? Since when does swapping a single piece of gear = a new build?

Please stop trying to re-invent the wheel with inaccurate and pretty useless information.

Don't be one of those people releasing a "guide" just seeking attention, when you really aren't contributing anything of relevance, and making false claims like using legacy items and tagging the build 3.1 ready.

That's just pathetic...
lol, the build has nothing to do with "guggelhupf's"
just look at the item/gems/tree setups carefully.(look e.g. if use any form of chaos,
ele dmg like noob added fire or so, or faster attack by low base aps)
and btw fb+tokohama+abyssus build ofc are similar.
but sometime small things make the change.

and yes , i will will update the guide soon for 3.1 . just soo lazy.
and there will be hardly any changes.so for sure, even woth no changes,
the best alternative to ES Nerfed and VP/Vinktar Builds in 3.1
and yes if will also update the dps, still pure phys with 800 FB
which is still way too op.


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... just another build for ancestral ...
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key words ---> "legacy FB" ........

And now plz post real stats with non legacy items
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Grinding Gear & Gems
You do know that your CWDT set up doesn't work because of Gruthkul, right ?
can you please use non-legacy items and show hideout dmg + full buff dmg?

i think ruthless gem will be better than maim gem here?

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