[3.0] Ballzerker V2 Magma Orb Berserker (All Content Safe Farmer/Endgame Bosskiller)

Hello there exiles!

Today i bring you the next edition of my other build, the Ballzerker.

This is a simmilar build, aiming and gaining dps through magma orbs , managing to be a realy efficient and safe bosskiller plus enormously good in clearing maps even with mf gear.

Now, lets get started:

1) Pros - cons
-great dps
-fast clearing speed with 1 gem swap
-enough utility to facetank and kill even bad mods mino
-With Purity of fire even reflect maps are doable
-Survivability 7/10 ( shaper beam facetank is a joke )

-Bleeding from boots is kinda making this build not reaching the Vaal fireball maping chillness level, but its nothing too hard to take care of ( like a simple life flask with bleed imunity)
-No leech-No mana leech maps are kinda meh to do but with a hybrid flask + good managmement its possible
-Needs to be paying atention to Orb of storms + flame dash + warcry rotation for maximum dps

2) Pantheon:
1) Sould of the brine king for pseudo stun immunity (eroding one upgrade is the most usefull in there)
2)Soul of rakalesh for general maping and bossing or Soul of Yugul for ele reflect maping

3) LVL 91 Build Tree:

4) Gear :

Helmet :

Its the best option and except life res and damage that it offers, FREEZE AND CHILL IMMUNITY.Like wow.Must have and core item.
Preferable enchants are with dps priority :
-Lightning golems buff effect
-Magma orb damage
-Projectile/flammability weakness curse effect
-Magma orbs chain # additional times ( for maping its usefull, if you have or can get one cheap, get it)
-Flame dash recovery ( utility enchant for better mobility )
-Reduced anger/haste mana reservation ( since we have aprox 2 cast before our mana pool dries out, some extra mana wouldnt hurt )

Gem links :

These will offer us enough cover up leech in case of heavy damage hits


Fingerless gloves with life res and any atributes you might need , get em here (155 in required for lvl 20 magma orb, 159 for lvl 21)
Gem links:

Flame dash is our second form of mobility apart from movement speed.
Flame dash needs to be at least lvl 18 in order to be able to proc lvl 8 Arcane surge mana cost trigger.Increased duration helps with increasing flame dash manacost plus the arcane surge duration as well.

Same as gloves, life, res,atris on a rare leather belt is what you lookin for.


Now this is a realy nice overlooked unique items that offers us frenzy charges generator in return of lvl 1 bleed chance when you get hit.With the pantheon reduced dot damage while moving and the additional phys reduction from boots while not moving and tree, makes the bleed damage almost not noticable, unless you enter a map with vulnerability.Then you might click your staunching life flasks a bit more often.
Preferable enchants are:
-elemental penetration if you Havent killed recently
-added light damage if you havent killed recently
-added fire damage if you have killed recently ( great for maping )

Gem links:

Here we have our auras + a lvl 3-4 enlightments ( both allow us up to 2 casts before mana goes poof)
and the golem.

Weapon :

Pledge is enormously good since its a Free 7l and cast speed from lvl 30 Spell echo is enormously good.Core item as well
Gem links:

this is the 6th link

For map farming replace


Chest :

I know , i know 6 off colours belly much wow, realy budget.But thats what i had in my inventory to work with and 6 offcolours are not needed.

Your belly must have :
-6 sockets/5links

--( {{ 4 b - 1 g }} - 1 r) If you manage to get a +1 curse xoph or a good +1 curse rare amulet
Gem links :

This is on the last socket unlinked for the rest

--( {{ 3 b - 1 g -1 r }} - 1 r) If you dont have a +1 curse amulet yet
Gem links :

This is on the last socket unlinked for the rest


Upon reaching endgame this is what a proper ring must look like.Opal base is the best.
Most wanted in general stats in any ring are :
-%Fire damage


A xoph's is the most easy way to make this build get to workin.+1 curse is nice to have too but not mandantory or core.

A nice spell damage + cast speed + life amulet is a nice alternative as well.+1 curse on that is almost as good as a +1 xoph.


These are the best flasks available to help this build farm and boss kill as well.No need for legacy wise oak or sun.The dps diference with good rolled non-legacy versions is close to 2%,totaly neglecrable.

Replace sulphur flask with this when you want to do heavy damage maps like mino or chimera.


These 2 are absolutely necessary and core for out build since the double our damage pracricaly.
For the rest sockets use anything like these
-spell damage
-spell damage with staff
-cast speed
-cast speed with staff etc etc

5) Videos:

Casual shaper ( 650 k / magma orb during that video )


A vault farming showcase

Well thats prety much the whole build. With aprox 30-40 exalts you can have a char that farms all content and can do realy good in bossing as well.

As always for the POB fans heres the pastebin:

On my build the dps shown / magma orb explosion is 900k.That explosion can be both overlaped by the next chaining explosion from the same magma orb or from another explotion coming from another magma orb.With some simple math that means that in best case scenario :

-With 1 magma orb hiting the same target 3 times + 5 magma orb projectiles = 5 x 3 x 900 k = 13, 5 million damage on shaper!!!

Overall i managed to do all content easily w/o any problems.
Hope this will bring you Much help on your everyday gringing exiles!
My mirror thread : view-thread/2024779
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Cool build man :)
Thanks a lot ^^
My mirror thread : view-thread/2024779
Hi. Do not we have enough int for our inevitability jewels? Because we need 40 int to make it work, but in your tree around jewels spot we have only 20 and 30 int. Or i miss something?
Fortunately for us it doesnt need the int to be alocated.I had that impression at first but it does not.It works just fine as long as there are at least 40 int nods within the jewel area :)
My mirror thread : view-thread/2024779
Ashe here :D .. i wanna make build like this but i don't wanna ruin my pc yet. haha. maybe next time when i get new pc :D
hey! winter is coming, lets heat up my pc abit, and pc of anyone that comes within one screen around me too ! jk ! looks like good and thorough guide for build that fries enemies and pcs :D
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Hello. I have left 3 free point, what should I spend it on take indomitable for armour and reduced extra dmg from crits, jewel slot near resolute tech with armour, celestial judgement, 3x life nodes on scion wheel or something else? Thanks.
If you feel that your life pool or armour/survilability is bad then go either for life nods or the x3 armour nods with the crit damage reduction. Otherwise if you feen more comfortable already, go foir the jewel socket and combine technicaly armour + life + damage. Imo thats the best solution
My mirror thread : view-thread/2024779
cool build man
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