Tested my first pvp build out today.

It went very well and was a blast. I was worried the build would be terrible but it seems it might be worth grinding low level gear for him.

As a newer player I have been wanting to to do more pvp so I finally decided to make a lld. I decided on a low level pvp toon for many reasons but time and the fact HLD pvp seems broken are the main ones. Negative cast speed is good because of T-values or something like that and skills hitting you that you can't even see. PvP is all about taking advantage of mechanics in game but that sounds like bs.

Sorry for the rant so on to the question at hand. How healthy is lld pvp in poe? I play in harbringer and got a decent amount of matches in but I finally gave up after waiting like 15 plus minutes for my next match. Also does the days ranking play any part in match making. For example I was one win away from breaking into the top ten today but could never find a match. Is that because of my ranking trying to match me with players close to me or do they just throw you in with anyone?
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i haven't even entered to arena in 3.0 but i'll tell you:

HLD is all about kids who are trying to squeeze out the most ego satisfaction they can get through winning in cheapest way and by exploiting broken game mechanics and skill interactions. It's a ball park of those who are having a confidence & life integrity deficit and desperately trying to fill it out by having a sanal euphoric state of mind by putting too much meaning on the evidence of "i'm better than someone" while one shotting each other.

There used to be another type of people who are masturbating with the idea of deeply calculating, min-maxing a build and "beating" the broken/ beating the cookie cutter builds which are abused by the greedy bastards in arena/1v1.(there were also people who like to fight vs expensive stuff with cheap builds, markusz icedeal etc) since everything is broken this type of people have to disappear, however, if they still play pvp;

a) their life suck, they can't have any experience of joy and happiness in their life and compare it with poe experience and realize how bad poe is. or poe became like smoking, until they find something better they can't abandon it.
b) they have some ego issues and join the first crew
c) they are still hopeful(lul)

LLD is no different.
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Then there is me, the hunter of lil dickwads who seek to boost their ego in the ways mentioned above. Using primitive single target melee skills and my actual mouse for moving, like its the 90s still.

My life doesn't suck, I'm not hopeful and I wont become a lil bitch outlined in the first paragraph.
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there is a small group of very good llders. they are free with advice and mostly looking for good matches, so they will help you improve until you are good competition. I think lld is quite a bit of fun
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Sadly until they fix the bug, this is the best LLD build :

Just be sur to shoot first.
mendel314 wrote:
there is a small group of very good llders. they are free with advice and mostly looking for good matches, so they will help you improve until you are good competition. I think lld is quite a bit of fun

Lld is definitely fun. I have been fortunate enough to be paired against some of harbinger' s top lld. Also I see them in sarn and have been able to listen in to some good conversations about lld.

I definitely need to tweek some stuff.

@Ice deal

Yeah crimson dance is unfortunately broken. It seems bleed flask only remove one stack on crimson so your only option is to use a utility flask with immunity to bleed before you engage. If they are smart and can kite you well enough then even that does not work.

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