[3.2] StupidSmile Ultimate Essence Drain 384k+ Dot (Dagger) + Duo Curse + 12k ES [Shaper/Elder]

Welcome back! My name Stupidsmile. Sorry for my poor english. I know i kind a stupid a bit. But I do smile a lot. The build am going to introduce u all to is called Essence Drain that focus solely on dagger. I know some people prefer using a bow while others prefer using a staff. Each of em have pro and con. For more info feel free to check down BELOW.

Tooltip in town

Without aura

Without golem

Without potion

You knew it!

NOW right click!

and VIEW it!
163 375 chaos damage per second

3.2 Changes

Essence drain receives a lot of buffs lately such as despair curse, extra energy shield, stun immunity, and additional curse effectiveness from the occultist. Even the power charge on the occultist node also grants spell damage per charge and charging base on mana usage instead. Even though the buff was so great, I still don't think it's good enough. So lets drop occultist.

Coming soon. The new build will be based on regeneration instead of recharge. Less damage, but more solid and stronger than ever. For those that are still wondering how good was the gameplay. U can visit the link below.

BEST BUILD are the one that offered huge dps + survival at the same time. That way, the player can enjoy both killing and security at the same time. Because 10% experience DOES MATTER. U see without 10% there can never be 100%. Which means u will NEVER be able to reach 95,96,97 and eventually 100.

For those that still worry if they are making the right choice, I can ensure u that ED is definately one of the best build out there. U can't tank but u can't die that easily either. Don't think too much about cast speed. As long u got enough mana to hit, that alone is enough. One hit equivalent to 10 times of ur normal spell. Why bother focusing on cast speed when u can hit once, run the other nine. So it completely safe. HOWEVER, for fast run i suggest u pump up a bit cast speed. That way u can reduce the casting gaps between contagion and ED.


How does the spell work

BLIGHT play a MAJOR part in this build since it does not only slow down the boss, but agro him as well. They need to destroy it first in order to chase us. By having 2 of those, the enemy will suffer 50% more chaos damage +100% duration. So that's a plus point for our survival. Plus combine with temporal chain, u will greatly reduce boss movement n attack speed with ease.

By being an occultist also will grant u another point for survival. Once the ES start to recharge, it will keep on going until u reach full ES. So if u manage well, u might only need 2-2.4sec to recharge. Another point for our survival is via 12k+ ES. With this huge pool of ES, u can survive almost any boss hit. Lastly, by using a dagger will grant us an ability to use whirling blade. A fast movement speed that makes ur character to become invincible for a short moment. Should be enough to cut half of ur time waiting for the ES to start to recharge.

💥💨 12k+ ES
💥💨 384k+ dot damage
💥💨 ES recharge cant be interrupted (Occultist)
💥💨 Chaos resistant reduction aura (Occultist)
💥💨 Trio curse
💥💨 -25% target life regeneration
💥💨 Can clear almost any boss
💥💨 Chaos immune
💥💨 Silent immune
💥💨 Stun immune

💲💲💲 Expensive
🙃🙃 Specially made for standard league (proud standard player)

Passive Tree



Gear, Gem & Flask

Crafting ED Dagger

Alternative gear which can be use to boost ES up to 14-15k


Curse, Bandit, & Pantheon

Lv21 Despair
Lv21 Temporal Chains
Lv21 Enfeeble

Kill em all




No 1: Damage Over Time
Since this is our main source of damage. Its not only boost our DOT but Decay as well.

No 2: Chaos Damage
This is our second source of damage. Its also help us boost both DOT and Decay.

No 3: General Damage
This is our third choice source of damage. Its help boost both DOT and Decay but in lower amounts for like 10% increase.

No 4: Spell Damage
This is our last source of damage since its only effect DOT.

This are the main jewel for the build

This jewel works great if ur assassin for fast recovering since it can be interrupt.

This jewel works great on witch since what u really need is just fast start.

As much as damage goes, es also quiet important. Make sure u stack one of this with a bit of damage.

This are the jewel that will help us to slow down the boss and at the same time help us deal 50% more damage toward bosses

If u need some es juice, this jewel is the right one for u



All this map has been chisel 20% quality and roll till quantity 100%+

Maze of Minotaur

Forge of the Phoenix

Lair of the Hydra
Tested stage clear but require fast connection to avoid those projectile

Pit of the Chimera

The Shaper


What What if I use

This is a good jewel indeed. However, my current passive tree does not match with the spot. Therefore, I need to invest a lot of passive node in order to use it and its not worth it for me. Unless u don't have any choice in the matter of jewel as this is by far the best jewel u had at the moment. Please do use it.

With one look and u already knew that this jewel work great on essence drain. U can easily convert all physical leech to chaos leech. The downside of the jewel is that it doesn't tell u that its only leech chaos damage dealt by the weapon. Make it totally useless for the spell.

For every curse, u get like 20% boost damage. But am pretty sure u can get more damage with rare jewel.

The mace offers powerful damage with an extra chaos spell duration which what we really need. However, the problem is movement skill. We can't use whirling blade anymore.

Void battery offers huge amount of spell damage with cast speed. With right vaal, u might even get culling strike. Work great on those that like to dual wield wand. However, we can't use whirling blade anymore.

This amulet saves me 4 passive node on the tree. The reason i am keeping it inside stash is that my rare amulet works better. If not, this is one of the better alternative u can use out there.

Fux that elemental damage. That 20% extra damage per curse is a lot. The downside of this item is that it offers a small amount of ES which is so not cool.

60% spell + 30% mana regen is almost equal to like 2 jewel already. If u are fine without any aura, this one just for u. But if u really ned to use discipline aura, try and use it with Essence Worm ring


Comparison between dagger, bow, staff and mace

🗡️ Decay Dagger
Decay mod, spell damage shield (+2 gem can be move to body armour)
8 star

Whirling blade, high es shield
10 star

My favorite weapon. The dagger shield not only provide fast and safe movement skill, but also boost up ur es base. Nothing more greater than a powerful n safe build.

🏹 +1 Decay Bow
+1 gem, decay mod
5 star

Fast start energy shield recharge, es quiver
10 star

In my opinion, bow works great, especially if ur a witch. Ur almost immortal already. The reason why i am not using a bow is that +1 gem can be obtain on the body armour. My es fast start recharge also quiet fast and plus i am a big fan to whirling blade. Therefore, no reason for me to choose this.

🖌 +3 Staff
+3 chaos gem
10 star

Quicksilver pot
2 star

In my opinion, using staff is just not it. They are powerful indeed, but way too many drawback. U sacrifice both shield and quiver which is not a smart at all. With all those es nerf, u ned all the es support u could get. Still, its up to u. The build is not invincible. In some way, if u expose too much, u will eventually die.

🍗 Unique Mace
100% chaos damage 40% chaos duration (+2 gem can be move to body armour)
10 star

Shield Charge
5 star

The reason i give 5 stars to survival is due to the nature of the movement skill itself. Compare to whirling blade, the user is immune to all sorts of damage. However, shield charge on the other hand will charge forward expose to ground effect and hits. Which is lethal, especially when we are CI. So make sure u practice well.


How was your ED build going? Feel free to share ur dot tooltips or damage down below.
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Add video, passive tree, gear and jewel.
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Using prenerfed legacy items. How can you call that 3.0 build?
Inferius90 wrote:
Using prenerfed legacy items. How can you call that 3.0 build?

The legacy item can still be bought at poe.trade and the gear can still be used up to patch 3.0
Not in harbinger
Inferius90 wrote:
Not in harbinger

I don't play temporary league.

this build is nice but too "legacy items dependant".
same thing happened to my essence drain occultist after 3.0, my character can still do all content in game but she needs legacy items (shavronne wrappings and % es rings included) to stay competitive.
this is because of bad balance from GGG, which has indirectly nerfed a good skill (essence drain) that was far from being top tier: it was just safe (especially in HC) and fairly cheap to get started in the league.
there are broken marauder and ranger builds that can do all endgame content with much less investment than essence drain, but no one has cared about it.
I'm very satisfied with my spectre necromancer, who can farm the shaper map within 5-6 minutes, but pretty disappointed about my beloved ED occultist when comparing her to the necromancer...
my character tab is open so you can check it.
3.4 Howa Molten Strike CI Occultist Deathless Uber Elder
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wow actually now i look closer this is a beautiful beautiful guide very well done
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lets be friends and play standard league together 👏👏👏👏👏👏
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