[3.0] Scion flame totems build help (SSF)

I'm starting a Scion for the first time (some variation after several witch characters :) and I'd like to play a Scion flame totem build that uses the Scion Hierophant asc passive. Any tips for builds?

Current build (still testing and refining):

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Update: I made a first theoretical build in poe planner:

This is based on an old witch version of the dual flame totem build:

but instead of Ancestral bond, the extra totem comes from the Scion asscendancy passive Hierophant

The build is not optimized, after being able to start from another place in the tree it will free up some points. But since that comes so late in the game...

Here is a slightly more optimized version that has an extra life cluster for 173% increased max life, and does take Ancestral bond:

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Some input:
I wouldn't take all totem life nodes.
I would take all 2 point- jewel sockets.
If you skill through heart and sould you can safe points very effectivly.

I would recommend https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/The_Tempest%27s_Binding
as that helm helps you to overcome the problem of using a 4 socket helmet.

I would definitly recommend to go ancestral bond. If you really want to skip it you can try elemental equilibrium, but i think ab ist stronger.

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