[3.0] crit ele flicker raider | 1.2 mil DPS

build is poop, play oros

Some people I partied with have asked me about this build so I'm gonna make a quick and dirty guide. Build is still work in progress so stuff might change

+ Clears fast
+ cheap to get started
+ able to invest a lot if you wanna push it to the max
+ flickering and shattering with herald of ice is super fun

- can run out of steam in bossfights when you have low dmg (-> gotta use frenzy inbetween or change to bladeflurry for bosses)
- sometimes flicker will take you to the other end of the map, lack of control
- flickering is not for everyone



level 65: https://youtu.be/_VLEbY1ZmYA

level 82: https://youtu.be/yFI0RryvU8U (mad background noises on this one)

haku missions are fun: https://youtu.be/KCRufL1SBw4 (mad background noises on this one)

lvl 86: https://youtu.be/b-awJCc89GQ


weapon: ele foil; look for ias and crit, any added damage is a bonus and mult is pretty much as good as a t1 ele roll; aspd base is best for total dps but you run out of charges faster on single target --> crit base also viable

You could also play this with claws/daggers - just change from the sword wheel to clawcrit/daggercrit. Daggercrit would be 2 travels nodes (1 if you go for jewel) so perhaps only take "from the shadows" cluster.

shield: lycosidae; no need for accuracy anymore

helmet: abyssus for the deeps

body armour: belly of the beast; otherwise too squishy

gloves: rare (resists + life; ias&ele are luxury)

boots: kaoms roots or rare (i find myself having to run around quite a bit so rather rare for me)

amulet: choir of the storm; crit and deeps, also int

ring: rare (ideally opals with wed)

belt: rare or headhunter

jewels: life, crit mult, melee dmg, aspd

life flask bc bloodrage as VP
diamond flask
atziris promise (or +atk vinktars; vinktars was kinda hard to keep up for me so atziris for now)

the other two flasks slots can be what you want

- wise oak if you can balance res
- quicksilver if you have to run a lot
- silver if you don't generate onslaught reliably
- basalt/granite for defense


6l flickerstrike, melee splash, added cold, elemental dmg with attacks, multistrike, added lightning

can swap added lightning for increased crit to improve consistency
can swap melee splash for ruthless for single target dmg but i'm too lazy

4l herald of ice, curse on hit, assassins mark, ?onslaught?

3l cwdt, warlords mark, immortal call

wrath, ancestral protector, frenzy bloodrage, vaal clarity, summon flame golem
(all the other gems we need in no particular order)

use vaal clarity and ancestral protector for single target/harbingers

could get a weapon swap with frenzy, gmp, faster attacks to be 100% safe when starting maps

If you need very high dmg (shaper, uber, ...) you can swap flicker strike to blade flurry
links to keep the same colours are: BF, conc effect, elemental damage with weapons, ruthless, icebite, damage on full life. You should reach 1mil+ dps vs shaper


I have died 2 or 3 times due to running out of frenzy charges on harbingers so far (if you keep spamming flicker, it might target the invulnerable harbinger and just drain your charges) and this build is too squishy.

If you really want to play this in HC, swap abyssus for a starkonjas, prioritise life rolls on gear and jewels. You should be able to reach ~6.5k hp. Perhaps drop some dmg and skill phase acro aswell. Your dmg might suck tho

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