[3.0] Trapper - 8bit meme Sire of shards magma orb

!Disclaimer - I take no responsibility for dropped frames ..

Also this is my third league so in no way a pro builder. I made this build for pure fun and not for pushing Shaper.
And i am sure there are smarter people on here than me that can improve this. So by all means :)

Overview and thoughts on the build:

Using Sire of shards along with magma orb and cluster trap for massive! AOE clearing.
And the swapping inn slower projectiles coupled with fire trap for extra 20% dmg.

For mana sustain we use the Tinkerskin and EB combo

* Clears yellow and red maps like a boss
* Decent boss killer with a 6 link

* Abit low on the life (160%)
* Needs a 6 link Sire to reach boss killing potential
* Helm enchant can be on the expensive side but very worth it
* Expensive to reach maximum potential due to the 6 link sire of shards
* No good fastmovement skill

Damage and defense numbers for the lazy

* 40k average hit on bosses with flasks
* 77% Crit
* 400% Crit multi
* Trap CD 2 sec

* 4700K Life (more achievable with better gear)
* 40% dodge
* 10% dodge
* 64% Evade
* 14% block

POB Link
POB Link for current lvl 90 https://pastebin.com/G6JSJ4WC

Required uniques

Gem Setup main skill
Trap - Magma Orb - Increased Crit Strikes - Cluster Trap - Immolate - Trap and Mine damage (Slower projectiles gets swapped with trap dmg on bosses)

Main clear and boss kill skill

Gem Setup Secondary skill
Fire Trap - Cluster trap - Trap and mine damage - Immolate - Ignite

This is your debuff trap, its not really there for the damage

Gem Setup defensive 1
CwDT - Immortal call - increased duration - Phase run

Gem Setup defensive 2
enfeeble - blasphemy - Inc Aoe - Ice Golem

Gem Setup def / offense
Arctiv Armor - Herald of ice

I have chosen to almost go all defensive here are using Quarts, Jade and Stibnite along with a diamond for that juicy crit

Obviously you can go for more damage with some unique flasks like Oak and such. Personal preference

Current gear and character
Video showcase
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