[3.0] Kira's Starforge Pure Physical Cyclone Slayer [1 Mil DPS, 9k+ Life, Lab Farmer]

Hello everyone, let me introduce myself first. I go by the handle name Kira. I primarily play as a guild shopkeeper, so I don't boss that often, but I do make characters and run maps and labs. Think maybe someone like Liz from SAO for those who know about the series. I started this game about a month before 3.0 hit so this is my first self made build, and there may be mechanics that I don't understand quite well so forgive me if there are things I miss or if there is anything suboptimal.

Let's also give the motivation behind this build. Why a cyclone Slayer? Well, I like melee characters that can face tank things because my mechanics are nonexistent. I also like to sit back, relax, and only play with one hand. I have played mostly variations of Berserkers up until now: sunder, wild strike, molten strike, afk etc. I have also played RF Scion and Chieftain. Before I made this character, I made a blade flurry Scion that's supposed to do 20+ million DPS easily. Well... I got to maybe 200k and didn't feel like pouring any more currency into it because it kept dying over and over and couldn't leech its way out of anything. So with that in mind, I wanted something tanky and could leech, and ideally be a better lab farmer than my RF characters. A Slayer is the perfect fit for that role, and I've never made one. I have also never played a cyclone build so it was a good combination to try.

I tried looking at several guides on the forums, and none of them fit quite what I wanted. They were either too squishy, do too little damage, both, or made for using a Disfavour. I have a 6L Disfavour in standard already so I didn't want to buy another one in HSC. I looked on poe.trade and saw that a 6L Starforge was roughly the same as a 6L Disfavour in cost, and decided to make my own Starforge based build.

This is not a budget build by any means. I will repeat myself, this is NOT a budget build. But I think it is a good build for when you want to blow 1500 chaos on something that feels good because the last 1500 chaos you blew on a build felt like absolute garbage. A budget version can probably be made that costs 1/10 as much (and has lower damage and life), but I have not yet investigated that possibility.

Without further ado, let's get on with the guide.

Skill Tree

For those who can't wait to jump into it, here's the final skill tree.



- Very tanky
- High damage
- High movement speed
- Can run most map mods

- Expensive (6L Starforge and Kaom's Heart are the core of the build, all my items added together cost around 1700c to acquire)
- Tree lacks intelligence and we need 155, which means you need int on multiple pieces of gear and/or jewels

Labyrinth Completion Levels

- Complete normal lab at level 24
- Complete cruel lab at level 46
- Complete merciless lab at level 57
- Complete uber lab at level 70

Core Uniques

6L Starforge is the weapon of choice. I imagine it would be feasible to replace it with a cheaper alternative but do less damage, but I haven't had the chance to test myself.

Kaom's Heart is the body armour of choice because of the massive amount of life it gives us. A life 6L rare or a 6L Belly can act as a replacement while you save up for a Kaom's Heart, but isn't as ideal.

Carnage Heart for extra leeching and damage while leeching. It also gives a ton of int, which is good.

Devoto's with cyclone damage enchant lets us move faster, attack faster, and gives us some defensive stats.

Belt of the Deceiver lets us take less damage from critical strikes while dealing more damage to nearby enemies while giving us a little bit of defensive stats.

Rare Gear

For the rest of the gear, try to get your resists maxed, then get enough int to level your gems, and then look for as much life as possible. Try to get attack speed from gloves and rings if possible. Boots should have 30% movement speed.


- Lion's Roar
- Sulphur Flask
- Bismuth Flask (for countering elemental weakness)

My Current Gear

Gem Links

6L (4R 1G 1B):
Cyclone - Melee Physical Damage - Brutality - Concentrated AoE/Increased AoE - Maim - Ruthless/Damage on Full Life

You can switch them around depending on preference. My preferred options come first in the ordering.

4L (1R 0G 3B):
Blasphemy - Vulnerability - Enlighten (level 3 or 4) - Determination/Arctic Armour

Mana sustain can be quite problematic with cyclone from what I've noticed, so the enlighten improves our quality of life by quite a bit. Haste can be used instead of determination if you want to trade off some tankiness for more move and attack speed. In the case of swapping with Haste, it would be a better idea to use Arctic Armour so you don't have to recolour.
4L (3R 1G 0B):
Ancestral Warchief - Faster Attacks - Leap Slam - Fortify

I like the warchief, but you can use Ancestral Protector if you'd like.

4L (2R 1G 1B):
Cast When Damage Taken (level 14) - Lightning Golem (level 16) - Blood Rage (level 17) - Immortal Call

Can use a flame golem instead. Swap out blood rage for Vaal Haste when running labs, because you don't want blood rage procing on traps.

Bandits and Pantheon

Bandits: Kill all, 2 passive points

Pantheon: Lunaris and Yugul


Endless Hunger -> Brutal Fervour -> Bane of Legends -> Headsman

If you followed my leveling section below, your damage output is so high that 1 hit is usually much more than 20% of even a unique mob's life bar so Bane of Legends doesn't really make anything easier. Therefore, it made more sense to me to have more leech earlier on in order to have more survivability, as my leveling gear left me quite defenseless with very little resists and armour.


From how I understand it, shock got changed in 3.0 to apply shock on any shockable hit for 2 seconds with the damage boost scaling off the amount of damage dealt, it means that Starforge's shock is always up even with Righteous Technique. This is a nice damage boost while having 100% accuracy.

The rest is pretty straightforward, run around with your blasphemy aura on and just spin on mobs.


This is how I've been leveling my character these days.

Level 1 ~ 9

Get ground slam, use your rose to one shot things until you get to level 10.

Level 10 ~ 15

The mace is really good at level 10, then put on the Lycosidae at level 11 to not miss. Use sunder at level 12.

Level 16 ~ 27

Facebreakers! The Meginord's belt and the accessories with physical damage are a must. Use shield charge linked to faster attacks, melee physical damage, added fire damage as your main mapping skill. Use infernal blow linked to melee splash, melee physical damage, added fire damaged, elemental damage with attacks, and faster attacks as your one shot skill for rares/uniques. Use the Deep One's Hide when you have Righteous Technique, otherwise keep using Lycosidae. This gives you more than ample damage to steamroll over things.

Also start using Herald of Ash and Hatred as auras.

Level 28 ~ 32

Nothing really new, but you get ice crash so run ice crash, melee physical damage, added fire damage, elemental damage with attacks, faster attacks, and elemental focus.

Wait, I thought this was a cyclone build? Well, I tried cyclone and it has massive mana sustain problems. It also has a weak first hit, while most things just die to the first hit with ice crash. The AoE with ice crash is bigger and overall, it just feels like the better leveling skill. Keep the cyclone gem socketed on the swap slot to level it, though.

Level 33 ~ 45

You get more uniques with more physical damage. Rare items can also roll more physical damage now, so an upgrade in damage overall.

Level 46 ~ 66

The shield and boots give you more physical attack. The 6L Belly is an extreme luxury and not needed by any means, but I had one lying around so I used it. Blood Aqueducts is great for leveling after you are done the story.

At level 67 you take the Starforge out for a spin! Literally.

At level 68 you start using the Kaom's Heart and now you can go nuts with all content basically (disclaimer: haven't tested all content).

PoB Screenshots

Setup for skill gems is:
Cyclone - Melee Physical Damage - Brutality - Maim - Concentrated Effect - Damage on Full Life

Current character, level 75:

Level 90 with same gear and 20/20 gems:

Level 100 with same gear and 20/20 gems:


Is this build hardcore viable?

I've never played HC because I have no mechanics, but I don't see any reason why it isn't. It is quite tanky the entire way through, and my deaths are all due to stupid mistakes (e.g. one shotting myself on a reflect mob, getting exploded by a strongbox, etc.).

- Leveling trees
- PoB links

Closing Words

I haven't tried killing anything bossy other than uber Izaro yet, but I jumped straight into T6 maps at level 69 and had no problems clearing up to T9. Haven't tried a T10+ yet, but given how everything just melts without me taking much damage, it seems to be pretty good. I facetanked Izaro at level 73 and he melted while my life bar never dropped below 40% or so. I'm pretty sure I could've done uber lab at level 68 but I got lazy and didn't want to run the lab.
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Hey! I was running something similar to your build before you posted it, but it's not too different. I can confirm to others this is shaper viable for sure as I've done it deathless but I'm also pretty geared. I've also done Uber Atziri deathless as well but that's obviously a bit more dangerous for this build than a shaper. Anyways have fun if you're trying this or some variant like I am!
from my understanding without a chance to shock, you can not shock.

You will need shock chance from jewels, (probably best place for it)
in order to have starforge shock up.

Pretty easy to test, shocked corpses = shock working

no shocked corpses = not working

Try out damage on full life gem instead of brutality if you
want to use some of the chaos damage flasks. You should
be pretty close to 100% uptime on full life.
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I was thinking about swaping damage on full life instead of brutality, but in that case i have to drop bloodrage which gives frenzy charges, although you can get charges from rares with headhunter or inspired learning so its not a big deal.

So far i really enjoy my slayer, not the fastest build out there but its consistent. Shaper kill was quite easy, uber atziri on the other hand not so much, ripped on a trio. That was probably due lack of skill, rather than fault of a build.

Not sure about shock chance, but i think starforge does indeed shock because i see monsters cloaked in lightning when i hit them.

If you want to min max your dps/survivability steel rings are a must, because they do give you a bit of damage, not sure yet what stats would you want of them though. Currently i am not sure what should i do buy steel rings or try to craft them.
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Man. Update the guide. I'm following this guide now and can't understand how you will get up to 1mil dps. Paste PoB liniks already, not screenshots please
That thing... it slaughtered everyone. Help me!
ditch determination its useless , socket ur blasphemy with vuln blood rage and enhance, ull have half of ur mana free, which will solve ur mana issues and ull have a 51.5% vulnerability and ur blood rage gonna give u more att speed:D
can u share PoB links?
whould daresso salute work better than carnage heart ?

thanks for the guide

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