3.0 Jaggernaut Cyclone and Cleave The Retch/Starforge/All bosses Huge DPS

Hey today i share my build with you guys.

this char is lvl 100 end of this week and after that i post videos with some bosses t16 uber etc. also its pretty nice build to farm Hall of Grandmasters and normal atziri is just that ez like u do a vegan daily haha
its not a cheap build but its also not using the most expensive items. new player possible cant afford it but the mechanics of the build a quit ez to understand!

Gear Links in weapon slots!

since starforge gives us the chance to shock enemys we want to use this feature.
shock can only applied to enemys via crit and i go with RT so we need to shock them via jewels or items.
for this reason i have jewel slot with 5% chance to shock and uber enhancment on boots wich is RLY important!

u can change gloves depending on your play style

Body Armour. you could also go for atziris splender or any chest with life and high eva armour. resistans is a plus. because its hard to cap resistances. if you are rich go for kaoms with plus 1 resistances and 2 starforge one slot for cyclone then switch to second starforge for witch cleave for bosses.

Flask nothening special

Passive Tree with 2 jewels slots one for generall shock one for cleave to get fortify for free

i Used Oak for the bandits.

i will add videos soon when i find time to record them. and of course also pics from defence and offence!
dont forget to use cyclone for clearing mobs. bosses get killed by cleave!
Auras are Artic Armour, Purity of Fire and Purity of Lighting!
enjoy the nice leech and facetink near all bosses.

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