[3.0] dy/dk's Obliteration BV Decay Build - Ascendant/Trickster

I've been testing a Hybrid Trickster variant and it has also been working very well. I've added it to the Passive Tree Section. You have a much larger EHP/better mitigation and more damage than the Scion version if you have your frenzy and power charges up. I would swap Artic Armour & Clarity for Discipline on Trickster. However I would consider dropping Hidden Potential and getting good rare hybrid gear to meet resist caps and stat requirements since the early Scion nodes aren't really efficient to get anymore.

Hey guys, my name's dy/dk. I've been an avid PoE player since 2014 and I'm currently playing in the Harbinger Softcore League.

I was watching RaizQT play his Occultist BV Decay build and was inspired to create my own. This is my first build guide so if there's anything I've missed mentioning or things you would like me to elaborate on, please let me know.

I primarily use this build to run T10s/11s and would not recommend this build for Guardians/Shaper in its current iteration, although it would certainly be possible to do with small adjustments to gear/gems.

For a hardcore variant of this build, I would recommend checking out RaizQT's Hybrid Occultist version: https://youtu.be/VYQzs0Z80io

Shaped Racecourse - https://youtu.be/HS22Xv0xkxI

As the title suggests, the build relies on dual wielding Obliteration Wands:

and the new support gem, Decay

The damage done by Decay is increased by the gem level, chaos, damage over time and generic damage modifiers so we focus on those things.

We use one stack of Blade Vortex to apply Decay to enemies and then watch as the chaos explosions from the Obliteration Wands gloriously create a chain reaction and clears the entire screen.

For Single Target, we drop a Wither totem and a Vaal Lightning Trap and use Blight with the new threshold Jewels.

Also optionally, you can carry a Dancing Dervish in your offhand for free Rampage. Just switch to the sword and kill any amount mobs without activating the onscreen Rampage counter and switch back to Obliterations and you will get Rampage without disabling your weapon slots. However most the time, I find myself a bit too lazy to keep switching back and forth if my Rampage expires.

Passive Tree/Bandits/Ascendancy
Lvl 92 Tree - http://poeurl.com/bxnt

Bandits - Kill All

Ascendancy - Head for Occultist first then Berserker.

Check Update section for my thoughts on the Trickster version.

Lvl 92 Tree - http://poeurl.com/bxE8

Bandits - Kill All

Ascendancy - Swift Killer - Patient Reaper - Ghost Dance - Shade Form

Skill Gems
Main BV Setup in order of importance

We use supports that will increase our Decay dps. The 6th link, Increased AOE, is a luxury which will just make it easier to hit more mobs with BV. Also note that the lvl 20 Decay will do just fine as well. You may just need to stop and use Blight a bit more often.

Blight Setup (Socketed in Allelopathy Gloves)

We can use another damaging support gem like Swift Affliction instead of Increased Duration however I've found that I enjoy the longer hinder duration.

Standard Wither Totem Setup


The level of the clarity doesn't really matter. Just make sure you keep it low enough so that you have a comfortable mana pool while having enough regen to not be running out. You can also drop Arctic Armour + Clarity for Grace however I found myself running out of mana.


Gear Explanation
The only required uniques are two Obliteration Wands. These are currently 1 alch each on HSC.

However there are a couple of cheap and expensive items which will greatly benefit the build.

The new Blight gloves and the new Blight threshold jewel will help your single target damage immensely. Both the gloves and the jewel are very cheap (in HSC) and in fact, you can acquire one of the Blight jewels in the act 5 quest, "Death to Purity"

Witchfire Brew is an amazing flask for this build gives us both defense and a very large amount of damage. These are also relatively cheap going for around 3-4c in HSC.

We also use the unique jewel: Hidden Potential.

Since we don't need things like flat damage or weapon elemental damage rolls on our other items, we can use well rolled magic items to get a sizeable increase to our Decay dps. I am currently only using 3 magic items, however before I had enough currency to afford some of the luxury uniques I will mention below, I was using 5. Please note that magic flasks and jewels do not count for the damage bonus of Hidden Potential.

Luxury Uniques
Now before we start here, I have to mention that the following items are pure luxury and completely unnecessary for the build to function. If you don't have access to the following gear, just use a magic item in its place to get full benefits from the Hidden Potential Jewel.

Now to get the obvious out of the way, I use a Bisco's Collar. This is a build I created to map and farm currency with so this amulet is perfect for me.

I also use a Dying Sun Flask for the AOE increase. The AOE bonus is not that noticeable for our Blade Vortex however the chain explosions from the Obliteration Wands seem much smoother/more reliable with the flask active. Before I got this flask, I was using a curse immune Basalt Flask.

For our Body Armour slot, there are a couple of options available.

Cherrubim's gives us a decent amount of life and scales both our Decay and Obliteration explosion Damage.

Carcass Jack has decent life and more importantly resists, making it a lot easier to gear. You probably will not need Dying Sun if you use this chest. Do note though that the area damage modifier does not apply to our Decay dps but only the Obliteration explosion.

And of course Belly is the best defensive option for the build.

You could also go for a well rolled magic item to get more benefits from the Hidden Potential jewel.

Personally, I have opted to go for a Skin of the Loyal.

Now before you ask, no, the +1 corruption is completely unnecessary and I used a regular Skin of the Loyal for a long time before I upgraded to a corrupted one.

I chose Skin for a couple of reasons, it was a very cheap 6L compared to the other options and more importantly, the +1 level to socketed gems increases the level of the Decay support gem, giving it a larger base dps. However Skin of the Loyal has no life or resists, making it the weakest option defensively.

Also it may be cheaper to get a +1 Tabula Rasa then a 3 green, 3 blue Skin of the Loyal so make sure you check the prices of both.

And finally, I use The Gull.

This was the most recent 'upgrade' for me and the only reason I bought it was because it had the Blade Vortex enchant and was also the cheapest Gull at the time so I thought why not? I'm personally horrible at spotting and clicking the lesser shrines (which I'm sure you noticed in the video) The Gull creates and end up not activating them most the time. However I will admit that it is very fun when you find a real acceleration/massive shrine and zoom across the map with huge AOE.

Current Gear

I go over what uniques are necessary/unnecessary in the Gear Explanation section


I would use Essence Drain, Contagion to level. Personally I switched to BV Decay, as soon as I had access to the Decay Support (lvl 38) but if I were to level again, I probably wouldn't make the switch until I could dual wield Obliterations since ED, Contagion just felt more safer/reliable.

Lvl 40ish - http://poeurl.com/bxnI
The two jewel sockets are for Spreading Rot. If you don't have them yet, pick the socket nodes up later.

Lvl 60ish - http://poeurl.com/bxnL
You can start picking up jewel sockets earlier if you already own some decent ones.

Lvl 80ish - http://poeurl.com/bxnN

Lvl 92 - http://poeurl.com/bxnt

And that's it! (I think) If you have any questions/suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment. I hope you have as much fun with the build as I did!
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