[3.0] Very new to Path of Exile, looking for feedback/suggestions on some builds

Edit: Played around a bit more with the Dualist build tree trying to optimize jewels and pathing, so there's a new pastebin link, changed some wording in the actual post that's not noticeable

Stuff about me being new you probably don't care about so spoiler:

So as the title sates, I'm new to Path of Exile, actually ARPGs in general, this is my first. It's also my first time really trying to be involved in the community of any game, I just started playing less than 2 weeks ago and I already love everything about the game and the community, so in the spirit of increasing the longevity of my time here I'm trying to be active in the community, which is not something I've really done before, so please forgive and inform me of any forum taboos I may commit, thank you!


Because I'm jumping in in 3.0, I've been taking a look at all the unique items and seeing which ones had a cool gimmick I could build around, and even before finding Death's Oath and the (I think new as of 3.0.0) changes to its aura passive I was thinking of ways I might make a build requiring as little input as possible, and because I like to puzzle solve I try to do my build designs without looking at other peoples' builds until I've gotten a few down on my own. I've been using Path of Building to optimize my builds because I like looking at numbers go up for 7 hours at a time apparently.

Consuming Chaos:

I first developed this build around Death's Oath and CWDT AoE spells being used for knockback/curse application, flasks and auras being the only interactive parts of the build. I couldn't find anything concrete, but I felt comfortable with the assumption that Chaos Inoculation would prevent the chaos damage negative effect of the chestpiece from hurting me, if not I'm doomed to die forever. This could very easily be a Witch or Shadow build (It was originally designed with Shadow in mind) but Scion seems to like being better than every other class at pathing the skill tree, and its Ascendancy lets me get the best of both Witch and Shadow for the build, the only terrible part is the fact that I'm already level 44 and I have yet to spend a single passive point, currently running an ice/fire build with blasphemy elemental weakness and clarity to level without passives. Considering I have yet to run into a reflect mob (As far as I know) I'm already terrified of their potential due to the horror stories of people one-shotting themselves while doing my build research, so the build being based in chaos damage with Chaos Inoculation is a direct result of that fear. Here's the actual build:

Consuming Chaos


Originally intended to be a Duelist build (explains the pun title) I switched it to a Scion build for the same reason I switched the above Shadow build, this one was more of me trying to optimize the build I started with on my first run and quickly evolved into a build based around Reave and Dual Strike, it's pretty simple so I don't think it needs more introduction than that:


Thank you for reading if you did, and any and all feedback is appreciated!
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