[3.0] Theory Crafting Hands of Wisom and Action

Hi all, i mainly post this to have advices and help to refine edges. it's a while since i started playing, poe following other ppl guides...so i finally tryed to build my own character.
Not sure about many things of end game, since i never engaged high tier maps (not more than t8) and big bosses.
I't not a billions of dmg build, but i think it's decent, with an average gear.

If u don't wanna read all, here is the Path of Buildind pastebin: https://pastebin.com/BTs1c0i2

This build uses Blade Flurry and stacks up as much int and flat lighting dmg as possible.
I't almost immune to elemental reflect, due to Witch Node in ascendacy, soul of Yugul and Ash Frost and Storm node in tree, for a total of 80% reduced reflect taken.
I't non crit, so you can make use of elemental overload

For Def you got more than 5k hp and a bit of es, armour and flasks to mitigate physical dmg, max resistances for elemental.

At stage 6 of blade flurry you hit for aroun 421780 dps (PoB stats)


Blade Flurry-Elemental Dmg With Atk-Ruthless-Conc.Eff.-Elem.Foc.-Light.Pen.

Wrath-Erald of Thunder-Empower(?)/Enlight(?)

Whirling Blades-Faster Atk-Fort

Cwdt-Vaal Light Trap-Vaal Haste-Inc.Dur/(GMP?)


Orb Of Storms-Curse on Hit-Conductivity-(?) if a +1curse on enemy item is equipped i'd rather put warlord's mark here, for more survivability and stuns, if not, i guess increased crit chance will make elemental overload almost allways up.


Hands of Wisdom and Action and Crown of eyes (for quite afew soell dmg nodes are in the tree) are mandatory.
Highly recommended are Anathomical Knowledge Jewel, since we can convert loads of int in lots of hp.
Other usefull uniques are Shaper's Touch, Astramentis (for high budget, but u can find good high int amulets for a few chaos), doriany's invitation belt (lightining Version)
Belly of the Beast seems to fit in any build now, that's why is so expensive.

For other pieces you look for rares with resists, hp, int, flat lighing dmg or atk speed.


I took witch elementalist for reflect resist and more lighting dmg with golem.
Than i took inquisitor for more elemental dmg and survivability via consacrated ground and few good tree perks close to the templar.
May be ranger is better, but i leave the choice to you (and pls tell me if i did a mistake)

Thanks for reading all the way down and for your help. leave comments and share your knowledge!

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