(3.0) Cold Shrapnel Shot Raider -- Freeze T15 Map Bosses!

This build can take advantage of a number of cute ideas. Several of them are mutually exclusive. While you can take advantage of everything presented here on a single character, doing it all at once will prove tricky.

This character is EXTREMELY FLEXIBLE. The tree uses an INCREDIBLY small number of specific bow points, so you're 4-12 regrets away from playing an (optimized) ele wander, a claw build, or almost any other crit elemental attack build. Half of the threads on the front page right now use extremely similar trees.

pob pastebin of my actual char: https://pastebin.com/zgbEJKNj
suggested tree: http://poeurl.com/bw9P
random (white) hydra: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBnaQMta080
freezing t15 bosses: https://youtu.be/60mGhD2EjN0?t=111 (using slightly suboptimal gems w/ no power charges here)

Generic crit ele tree w/ frenzies (4 specific bow points, can easily respec into claws / wands / whatever)
Conversion nodes on tree make many skills (almost) pure ele, even with a phys bow
Use your favorite bow skill to clear (Ice Shot, Lightning Arrow, Tomato Shot, Split Arrow, a different Shrapnel Shot with GMP or area or something, whatever)
Use your other favorite bow skill for single target (Shrapnel w/ threshold jewels, Barrage, Blast Rain if you hate yourself, Tornado shot with a hat enchant, whatever)
No required gear (except for the threshold jewels if you choose to use Shrapnel)
200% life, no strength on tree. You can certainly grab a bit more life if you travel left from the Duelist area (either scion life wheel or just looting the left side in general), but it's probably not necessary except for shaper farming / hc.


Frenzies + Ice Bite is the highest elemental damage you can get from a single gem slot, and the frenzies also add damage on their own.

This makes picking up frenzy charges on tree / gear pretty important. It also means there's a bit of weird momentum with this build -- if you go more than 9 seconds between killing a pack and starting a boss, for example, you'll really feel the damage dropoff for a few seconds. In practice, this isn't a big deal outside of Rigwald and Shaper.

Compared to Barrage, Shrapnel Shot hits infrequently and very hard. This makes it easy to freeze. It also makes it plausible to shock, even with the amount of cold scaling this build has.

Shrapnel Shot is a lot easier to aim than Barrage (for me), especially at close ranges. With two threshold jewels on my character, it does about the same single-target dps as barrage with EITHER a Dying Sun or a hat enchant. If you want the most dps possible, Barrage will still edge it out, provided you have both the flask and hat enchant.

Using a single element (or *mostly* using a single element) makes stacking penetration and/or elemental damage very easy.

I'm personally a big fan of Lioneye's Glare, but you can easily pull this build off with any phys or ele bow. Feel free to use an Opus or a Windripper or a Doomfletch or whatever's fashionable these days.

Frost Bomb reduces the target's cold resistance. Combined with pen (Wise Oak, Fangs of Frost, Primeval Force, etc) and the next trick, this build can make the words "vulnerable to cold" appear above almost anything in the game (incl guardians / shaper)

There's simply no lightning, or phys equivalent to Frost Bomb. Pure fire builds can use Scorching Ray totems, while chaos builds get Wither Totem. You can automate Frost Bomb with a low-level CWDT since the -res doesn't scale with gem level. Alternately, you can throw a curse-on-hit setup on it. The curse won't apply until the bomb goes off, but you only really need the extra damage from a curse on like guardians anyway.

Malachai's Artifice can help you bump YOUR cold res for Wise Oak while reducing specific target's cold res by 40% with a Fire Trap socketed. Alternately, run two ele rings and a Bisco's for mapping. Double alternately, throw on a Halcyon for freeze duration.

ONLY THE GEM SOCKETED IN MALACHAI'S ARTIFICE has EE, so you don't need to cast whatever's in there very often. Minion gems work too, so you can even throw in a fire golem or something to passively reduce boss cold res. Be aware that spells get damage from your heralds and minions get damage from your auras.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I'll update this in the future if there's any interest.
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This looks great with icebite's OPness now. What is your gearing preference for chest, boots, etc
Since you're using shrapnel shot with the threshold jewel, what about chin sol?
I make dumb builds, therefore I am.

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