Ranger - Still competitive 3.0?

Note: I'm fairly new to the game and won't pretend I know the ins and outs and min/max mechanics of the Ranger (or any other) class.

That being said, I love the Ranger (bow) class but I dont want to waste hours and hours and get into late game and find out my tornado or deadeye (or whatever) build is gonna crap out on me.

One of the reasons I ask this question is that while playing and hitting a city I very rarely see another archer. Not sure bad timing or something else, so it got me thinking...

Right now im end of early game using Nersinks Tornado Raider build


So to those of you that have been playing for awhile and have been in 3.0, what do you think?


Great Builds [3.1] Used By Me or Guild Mates:
Check out Engineering Eternity on YT - no B.S. right to the point reference videos, and more! Good Stuff...
Last bumped on Sep 3, 2017, 9:20:44 PM
My Experience with that build is I could clear maps no problem but when it came to bosses I would just get stomped over and over. With their ranged attacks and movement abilities where they could just jump on me, it wasnt fun.

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