Mark of the Doubting Knight, on-Crit modifiers text error

Mark of the Doubting Knight no longer states it only applies to Melee Damage; as it stands, it would either be local (still applies to Ground Slam), or global (but it doesn't apply to Spells).
Last bumped on Nov 14, 2017 6:27:17 PM
There goes my fun spellcasting gladiator build idea.
I thought this would apply to spell too.. Is it just Mark of the Doubting Knight that has this text inconsistency bug? or do all other on-crit procs not work with spells, either?
This is not a bug - it's a local mod.

From the 3.0.0 patch notes:
Mods which provide Chance to cause Bleeding on Hit and Chance to Poison on Hit are local to the weapon.
Note that critical strikes are a subset of hits, and thus fall into this category.
Whoops I fricked it on my testing back when! Forgot one of too many things the Assassin does, which messed with results (specifically, conditional Poison chance).

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