[3.0] Shana's BV Berserker, 1,7m Shaper Dps, 8k+ HP, Shaper, Uber Atziri, Guardians


welcome to my build guide for my bv berserker.

Guide still work in progress, gonna make it prettier soon D:

Why should you read this guide?
I looked into every 3.0 guide out there for bv, and they all were 4-5k life glass cannons, and still dealt under 1m dmg, this build has a really high hp pool, while still dealing a lot of damage

First of all, here is the pastebin, in case you want to see that first:


This build is designed to facetank pretty much all content, while still doing a high amount of damage, ofc some things cant be facetanked ^_^

that will lead to the pro's and con's:

- high hp, up to 9000
- high dmg, 1,5-2million shaper dps
- high mobility, 0,8 attack time on whirling blades
- 90% rare items
- easy to lvl
- fast clearspeed, but not vps lvl

- fast clearspeed, but not vfb or vps lvl
- need 6k+ hp to get the feel of facetanking stuff
- not that cheap, you need atleast 300c
- still cant tank untankable things like telegraphed attacks (shaper slam, atziri flameblasts)

required gear:

helm with 30% blade vortex duration

uniques for this build:


belly of the beast or a carcass jack, atleast 5l
taste of hate
atziri's promise

rare gear:

go for max life, bis is t1 life/t1 strength/t1 hybrid life, then fill with resits, thats it, your gear is basically life + resist

but on your amulet you still want t1 crit multi

insanity gloves with max life

diamond flask with bleed immunity
onslaght flask with curse immunity, this also makes you immun to map curses like enfeeble, temp chains
atziris promise
taste of hate
quicksilver flask with movement speed

t1 critmulti
t1 spell crit
highest attack speed possible
open prefix to craft spell damage
poe search: http://poe.trade/search/atomichasikara/live

increased maximum life
+3 dmg stats
spell damage while dual wield
crit multi
attack/cast speed
phys damage
poe search: http://poe.trade/search/ariyomkukokuok/live

my gear:


endgame tree:

80-90 tree:

take alira, respec later at lvl 95+ for 2 skill points

early leveling:

take cleave and molten burst at lvl 1, get yourself 2 1hand axes and lvl through act1

at lvl 12 you get sunder from nessa and lvl with sunder to lvl 70

link it first with ruthless and chance to bleed, later swap to

sunder - melee phys - ruthless - faster attacks - multi strike - conc

use hatred and herald of ash


then proceed to skill after your normal skill tree, swap to bv once u can use a lvl 15 one

gem links:

bladevortex - spell echo - controlled destruction - increased crit strikes - increased area/ concentrated effect - empower/hypotermia/increased crit dmg/effiacy/phys to lightning

phys to lightning: use that for leveling, as you can easily kill yourself on reflect
hypotermia: best gem to kill bosses with, 39% more dmg against chilled targets:
empower 3/4: use this when you have problems with coloring (belly of the ebast)
increased crit damage: deals same dmg as empower, but way cheaper

orb of storms - power charge on crit - arcane surge lvl 8 - increased duration

look that acrance surge has the same mana cost requirement like orb of storms

herald of ice/artic armour - curse on hit - assasin mark

since herald herald of ice dont do much against bosses, you can swap in aa for more defense

increased duration - vaal grace/vaal haste - summon lightning golem/chaos golem/vaal clarity/vaal lightning trap

cast when dmg taken - molten shell - enfeeble - any gem

whirling blades - faster attacks - fortify - whirling blades


use normal setup for map clear
use vaal grace instead of vaal haste
swap vaal lightning trap for your golem

at boss:
swap conc for inc aoe
swap aa for herald of ice

swap conc for aoe
use sins rebirth instead of a silver flask
use both, vaal clarity and vaal lightning trap instead of curse on hit/ assasins mark
use aa instead of herald of ice

uber atziri:
soul of solaris
soul of tukohama
swap conc for aoe
use sins rebirth instead of a silver flask
use vaal clarity instead of your golem
use vaal grace instead of vaal haste


Uber Atziri Trio:

rest coming soon
ign: LadyRemuu
Twitch: www.twitch.tv/shana_14
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/DragonSlayerShana
Lightning Crit Cycloner Guide: view-thread/1814828
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Cool build.Is HH worth it for the build? I got a couple and was hoping I could put one to good use.
i loved this build
Loving this build so far. Not sure what I can do to improve my damage, other than swapping out jewels. Struggling to have enough mana to cast BV up to more than 10 without being in a pack to leech mana

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