[3.0] [SC]Kitava's Flicker --- Flashback to old CoC times

This is my take on a build using the unique Helmet Kitava`s Thirst

It feels a bit like the old CoC builds that were popular before CoC got nerfed. I`m currently at 74 and the clear speed is pretty good as it normally is with Flicker Strike builds.

The Manacost of Flicker Strike will be controlled with the Fevered Mind jewel, which increases the Manacost by 100% and to get close to 100 with fitting support gems.

My Current Character looks mostly like this. https://pastebin.com/vPqB0Eij
And there are some things that I want to achieve as I level on:

1. Get a bigger Manapool to be able to run Warlord's Mark and Grace and still have like 300ish spare Mana to be able to have an okay leech active and attack fast enough.
ALso i plan to go with MoM with it as it schould give me a bit more sustainability as i can easyly leech enough in big packs.

2. Get more attackspeed with Flicker Strike, so i want to change Multistrike for faster attacks, as Kitava's Thirst woth multistrike only has the chance to proc every third hit.

3. The Skills in Kitava's Thirst. Currently I'm using Magma Orb, Frostbolt and Ball Lightning with GMP and EE. I'm not sure if that is the Way to go, to get enough damage, or if i should change it with my other idea that i did not test to this moment, which is going with Oro's Sacrifice
, Choir of the Storm
and only a good 4-linked Coldspell like Frostbolt in the Helmet.

That are mostly all thinks I'm worried about atm.

If you have any ideas or questions please feel free to ask. If i get a lot of feedback, i will probably work a bit more on this thread.

Last bumped on Sep 2, 2017, 7:39:48 AM

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