[3.0] Starforge lacerate/cyclone crit (uber/Shaper viable)

Hi! First , sorry about my english . This is my first guide , your idea will make this build better
We use starforge for this build , so it's NOT a starter build!!!!
Passive tree

Because we need Assassin and Slayer ascendant so Scion is the best class
6link : Lacerate + melee physical +multistrike +increased critical strikes +faster attack + ruthless
Totem set up : Ascentral warchief +melee physical +Bloodlust +faster attack + concentrated effect + damage on full life
Aura : Grace + arctic armour
CWDT set up
Leap slam + faster attack + fortify

We don't need taste of hate , but sin's rebirth is important ( evasion +30% chaos damage)
Pro : 6k+ life pool , high evasion if u have queen of the forest , Fast clear and high dps
Cons: melee , need around 20ex to build
Atziri's acuity if u rich
My pic about Offence/Defence
http://imgur.com/a/2yC8M , http://imgur.com/a/QbtL5

My current gear:

Video will be add later because my computer weak
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Mate can you put your profile off private mode so we can see your characters?

I'm building one of these.

The skill tree is incomplete so I wanna see where you're looking at putting your skills.

I notice a lack of leech so I got leech, also I found a node that does 40% extra dmg against bleeding pretty close, so I'm going for that too.

Would like to know your thoughts.

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