3.0 Glacial Hammer Block Gladiator Seeking Tips

The following is comments about my build, where I feel its lacking, and what I'm trying to accomplish with it.

Basically, I want this character to be able to kill all the guardians and shaper. I was happy when I learned I could do Uber lab very easy with this build. I am noticing my reliance on cold damage isn't that much of a help on bosses due to not being able to freeze them. I need to learn the merchanics of the atziri fight, because I breezed though everything then instadied to atziri. The chill helps?Maybe? Haha. I see myself with a few options right now in my passive skills.

1. For more dps, travel up to the mace nodes west of Templar(also grabbing a lil life)
2. For more life, travel to scion nodes.
3. For a good mix, grab endurance and frenzy nodes.
4. For more cold damage, travel to far right of tree and pick up bottom side of weapon elemental nodes.

I invested in a lot of intelligence in the tree to help me wear Doryanis, so I cant really take those points out unless I drop this build back to using a Camerias.

Right now I feel like I have more block than I really need, but only by like 1-4% and I don't know that getting rid of that block node would help the build because of the DPS added by it.

This build is greatly lacking chaos resistance, I do avoid bosses with chaos damage. I have a good roll mings heart I can use as well as atziris flask and eventually my gear might be amazing and have good ele and chaos rolls as well as hp lol *dreaming*

Jewels: Winter Burial, a Cold damage, physical damage, fire resist, freeze chance 5% cobalt.
-I didn't see how I could squeeze more gems into this build without missing out on more cold damage.


I didn't take Gratuitous violence specifically because it wont help me complete endgame ( bosses immune to bleed) and I already have good packing clearing speed with warchief and glacial hammer splashing from gem. However if you can convince me it is still a better node that outmatch and outlast feel free to.

Other comments:

It feels like immortal call is no longer a big defense boost for this build(but in early maps in my 60's it was a godsend) so I might switch to self cast enduring cry.

***Please provide input on gear/jewel/skill tree suggestions to help this build make it to shaper.
**Id like to keep my cold damage and freeze chance for farming at higher lvls with Camerias maul and low life rarity shoes.
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