[3.0] Debeon's Dirge Cycloner 90% reflect reduction as Elementalist & Raider

Hello everyone this is my take on the Debeon's Dirge cycloner I went with Ascendant because I wanted to be able to do most map mods and as such I needed to be more or less reflect immune and for that ascendant seemed like the best option. The only map mod I dont like to run is elemental status immune or 90% maps since It will be hard for me to keep up my frenzy charges and of course no leech maps other than those 2 mods there is nothing it cant do well.

I'm currently level 90 in the Hardcore Harbinger league with 7,2k hp this is my current gear setup.

Decent HP pool
You shatter everything
you have high evasion
great clear speed
Herald of Ice explosions (Who doesnt love the crackling sound of that?)

Low physical mitigation
No fortify in the cyclone link setup
No cold penetration in cyclone link setup so bosses can be annoying on EE or extra resistance maps.

showing of the build in a shaped Racecourse with double reflect mod on the map

Elementalist notable gives me 50% reduced reflect damage taken, 6% elemental penetration, Gain elemental conflux for 6 seconds when you kill a rare or unique enemy & Can summon 1 additional golem.
Raider notable gives me 10% movement speed, onslaught on max frenzy charges & 10% chance to gain frenzy charges when hitting a rare or unique enemy

When leveling I went for the raider first and got elementalist in the merciless lab.

Soul of Yugul for the 25% reduced reflect damage taken. Capture Asphyxia (waste pool boss) for another 5% reduced cold damage taken which also works for the reflect since i only do cold damage.

so in total 50% from ascendancy 25% from yugul + 5% from the captured boss 10% from the Primeval Force notable in the ranger area in total that gives us 90% reduced reflect damage taken.

Kill all for the 2 skill points

Path of building level 100 tree
Pastebin link

I leveled with frost blades until I could use the Debeon's Dirge.
I went to the Duelist/Ranger area first to pick up damage nodes so i could level with decent clear speed it's a bit slow until you get the Raider ascendency in cruel lab but after that it felt very fast and efficient. I beelined more or less for the elemental overload after I could use Debeon's Dirge since it gives such a boost to dps. the Depth perception notable in the shadow area is important for this node since it gives us accuracy and crit chance so be sure to pick that up as soon as you can.


Q: Why go for Winter spirit & not Forces of nature?
A: Path of building showed Winter spirit to do more dps even vs bosses.

Q: could this build work with other ascendency classes?
A: of course I just picked this setup since I wanted to be reflect immune without using the anti reflect ring and the ascendancies also gives us some extra dps so its overall a good choice. But there will be better ones out there if you just want to push your dps to the max.

Q: is the extra AoE in the scion area worth it?
A: Since it both buff the AoE of the cyclone and the Herald of Ice explosions I feel that its worth it.

I hope this answers all questions if you do have any questions please comment below or you can always catch me on my stream.

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