[3.0] Guardian/Necromancer Aurabot | 13 Auras + 1 Blasphemy | 132/83% Aura Effect

Hello! This is a build I've been playing recently on the Harbinger league. I've had some requests to write a build guide, now that I know that the build was a success I finally feel comfortable writing one.

The release of Fall of Oriath bought with it some major changes to the ascendancy classes, most obvious were the changes to the Ascendant. The Ascendant is a much more viable class. The Scion support is now very real and in a very good state, being a hybrid between a Guardian and a Necromancer. And with the nerf to the Necromancer's Commander of Darkness ascendancy node, I believe that the Ascendant is now the strongest support class in the game.

This build uses the synergy between Coruscating Elixir and Victario's Influence in order to allow us to super charge our auras.

This guide is not handholding, beginner or budget friendly. I wouldn't recommend playing the build unless you have a Presence of Chayula and a Faminebind unique belt. The rest of the gear is pretty cheap. If you have any questions, feel free to post them here or message me privately if you don't feel comfortable asking them in an open forum and I'll be happy to answer.

I might remake the guide in the coming weeks and make it much more in-depth, but it's honestly very time consuming.


Build Summary

>>> 7000 Energy Shield
> Necromancer & Guardian sub-classes
> 450/900 Energy Shield regeneration
> Shield Charge or Whirling Blades
> 82/82/83 Elemental Resistances
> Freeze & Stun immune

>>> 13 Auras
> Level 27/25 Wrath, Anger & Hatred with 132% Aura effectiveness
> Level 21 Grace & Determination with 132% Aura effectiveness
> Level 22 Purity of Fire, Ice and Lightning with 83% Aura effectiveness
> Level 22 Vitality, Haste, Purity of Elements with 83% Aura effectiveness
> Level 20 Quality 20 Temporal Chains Blasphemy with 70% Curse effectiveness(68% Slow)
> Level 20 Vaal Haste & Vaal Discipline with 183% Duration(11,4s and 8,5s respectively)


General Build Infomration

Path of Building


Bandits: Kill


Major: Soul of Lunaris(Lycius) or Soul of Solaris(Incarcerator)

Soul of Garukhan(Rek'tar)


My Character

Harbinger | Level 87



I'd recommend either SRS or Scorching Ray CWC Firestorm. Pick whichever you prefer. Stock up on leveling items since it's going to be a pain otherwise. Other than that, just level and use common sense for point allocation. Using Blasphemy Temporal Chains as soon as you can is going to increase your survivability significantly.
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Any cheap versions of Faminebind belt?
CactusYT wrote:
Any cheap versions of Faminebind belt?

20% Flask duration belt. Crystal Belt or Perandus Blazon if you want a unique alterantive.
Why Steppan Eard over Sin Trek? Are the ground effect benefits worth ~50 ES?
Myrales wrote:
Why Steppan Eard over Sin Trek? Are the ground effect benefits worth ~50 ES?

You never really notice Desecrated Ground until you die from it. I prefer Steppan, you can just switch to them for map mod if you want and use Sin Trek.
I dont know how to use pastebin and therefore cannot see the path of building. is there another way for me to able to access this?

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