[3.0] Poison Lightning Inquisitor (Ball Lightning, ES/Life) with RIppling Thoughts


I accidentally came up with this Templer Build after I failed hard with the new StormBlast Skill. While having a good time with a simple SRS Witch I have some good drops:

So I get back to my first Build and put on some shitty gear and those interesting Uniques.
First I read through some other Build guides like

and all of a sudden the Build starts to shine and most important: makes fun!

So heres a quick guide for you who like Thunder and Lightning and Poison as well while whirling through maps ...


- fast clear speed
- good Bosskiller
- interesting synergies of Uniques

- not cheap
- sometimes squishy, hard to gain enough Life
- not a starter build
- can't do ele Reflect Maps. DOH!


First Section: the gear

Uniques necessary for the Build:

Its possible to play with one Rippling thought and a shield with high Life and SpellDMG, but I prefer Double wield. Boots and Gloves are of course also not THAT important and good rares are possible as well. But those are more fun and gives a nice amount of DMG and the cool Poison. And Powercharges are still good to have. The Choir Amu is a HUGE Damage Boost. But not a must have at the beginning.
Rest of the gear:

Just get Life and Res on the rest of ur gear. 5 Link is good, 6 Link better. ;)

Second Section: the Gems

Main Attack is BallLightning. It comes in two Variations
Bosses and tough Foes (like Harbinger Bands): BL, IncCritDMG, IncCritStrikes, SpellEcho and Slower Projectiles. If 6 Link add Efficacy.
Fast Map Clearing: BL, ICD, ICS, SE and IceBite (see Heralds). 6th Link still Efficacy.
You can use Arcane Surge instead of Efficacy. Up to you.
Herald of Ice/Innervate/UnboundAilments/Enlighten -> it gives a good DMG boost and freezes mobs
Herald of Thunder/Curse on Hit/Assassins Mark/Inc Area of Effect-> for the important PowerCharges. Remember: 5% extraDmg per with the Boots!

Cast when DMG taken/ImmortalCall/Inc Duration/ IceGolem -> safety and more Crit Chance
Second Attack and Movement
In the Weapons we put Whirling Blades/Fortify/FasterAttacks and support Gems you have like: more Ele DMG, LesserPoison, Vile Toxins etc
Cause we trigger the Lightning skill "Storm Cascade" with Whirling Blades we can just put some Support Gems in the Sockets. Cool.
Most Packs are done if you just whirl into them.

I am nowhere near good level of Gems and let alone quality. But it already does huge damage.

Third Section: Skilltree
my skilltree is not optimized cuz I had it already from the StormBurst Build. So it could be better in terms of Life. But it is nice already for damage.

For Bandits you best help Alira or kill all. Though the res from Alira plus the Crit DMG is nice to have.
Ascendancy I choose Inquisitor with Righteous Providence / Inevetable Judgement / Augury of Penitence / Instruments of Virtue

End Section: Levelling and Tips

For levelling you can grap any Lightning Skill like tendrills or else and a wand (unique wands are cheap and good to start with). Later on use a unique scepter like Axiom. Follow the tree for Damage first and Res and Life later on.

I sit now at 4.4k Life. DMG as I said is huge. Skilltree can be optimized. I think most people have there own preferences.

Video added.

I am open to feedback and suggestions.
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video plz.. ty
"Good thing they nerfed the carto, it wasn't fun to find one in every map." - Haborym
As for ur request: Video added. Will add some more later
Can you please share your poison damage stats ?
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I added a clip showing all important stats.

Poison is like 18-300 per second for BL with lesser Multi Proj.
Interessting though: Herald of Thunder has an impact of 20-1000 Poison per second and Storm Cascade even 395-708 !!!
Your poisons can only last 1 second (base duration for poison is 2 seconds but your gloves reduce this duration by half).

Ball Lightning can hit 5 times per second.
You can reach a cast time of around 0.30 cast per second.

Your total poison damage from Ball Lightning should be around 160 * 5 * 3 = 2400 poison dps (with 100% chance to poison).

Herald of Thunder and Storm Cascade poison damage is interesting but they are not cast often and can't really make a difference.

Most of your global damage probably come from your lightning damage.
I'm not sure that the poison addition to your build really improves his global dps.

Could you test your build without the Volkuurs gloves ?
Am I missing something ?

I'm very interested by your researches, I tried to do a Ball Lightning poison build with the Volkuurs gloves but I failed at creating something with powerfull poison damage.
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Hey eteule:

It does. I tested the build with this gloves:
and the plain DMG was only 300 DPS lower. But the clearspeed droped for what I felt before. I switched the gloves back (same map) and it went much more fluid.

As I understand, the DMG over time from poison is a nice add-on. It will not clear mobs by itself. No. That does the lightning. But it gives Mobs the poison debuff which let them melt away without me being forced to cast another time ball-lightning.

Also the Poison Dmg from HoT and the Choir Lightning Struck is not bad at all and constantly going down. Which gives the build a good + to clear speed espec. when Rares got a elemental resistance buff.

That being said: it is surely not the main source of Damage but a nice add on. I posted a T10 Map with Boss kill. Maybe you can watch and see if I am talking nonsense. ;)

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