[3.0] SunderDip Chaos Trickster Theory Crafting

This build is based on sunder and converting some portion of your physical damage to chaos.

Sunder - Added Chaos Damage - Multi-strike - Conc Effect - Void Manipulation - Poison Support 6 link
Sunder - Added Chaos Damage - Multi-strike - Poison Support - Void Manipulation - 5 link

Use Increase aoe for clearing and Conc for Bosses

Spell Totem - Faster Casting - Wither
Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Fortify

Herald of Ash
Vaal Haste

Soul Taker
Innsbury Edge - This weapon is the main core of the build

Cherrubim's Maleficence can be a 5 or 6 link

This armor gives us a lot of chaos damage and nice leech

Devoto's for attack speed/movement

Ideal gloves will just have decent life tri - res or go for attack speed

Kaom's for the life

High res - Life

High res - Life

Skill Tree Link

Patient Reaper - Walk the Aether - Swift Killer

Swift Killer with 7 frenzy charges will give us an additional 35% increased damage over time
Walk the Aether gives us additional attack speed when we leap slam, and removes the mana cost for it
Patient Reaper gives us basically an additional 40% increased damage over time, and giving us more leech with life recovery.

Min maxing with higher level and using conc effect your dps is 90k chaos damage is 7k per second with 101k total chaos damage inc.

The build is an idea, and probably will be leveling it up when I wake up. I'll update this as I go.

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One Question: Why would you use walk the aether when you are using Soul Taker? Your movement is already free, same goes for your Auras, with Soul taker you could reserve all you mana (or grab one reduced reservation node so you can still cast wither totem).
The reason you are grabbing that is because you have no other uses for the other 4 ascendancy nodes on the tree.

Additionally another 20% attack speed is a nice boost in damage when you use your movement skill
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Nice build may try it
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Leveling this build is pretty decent. Currently Level 28 and haven't had any issues. Will update more as I go.

I used 2x Last Resort with spec throw at level 1

Changed to Sunder at level 12 with The Screaming Eagle + Last resort

Using Viper Strike and Sunder right now

Using a 4 link for Sunder at the moment
Sunder - Faster Attacks - Lesser Poison Support - Void Manipulation
hi just curious how did this build did
I didn't finish it at all, but I may try it again at some point

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