[3.0] Doom SpeedRaider 6K+ HP/140+ MS/46 56% DODGE ATK,SPELL/750K+ DPS NO FLASKS/SHAPER DOWN


Ok this will be my first build guide, because this is the most balanced build I've ever played and i had to share it. It has great defences (64% evasion, 46% attack dodge and 56% spell dodge and also 6k+ life), great movespeed (perma 140% increased ms) and great single target dps as well as tornado shot dps for clearing.

This build is a noncrit Doomfletch build (which are cheaper than a crit one) and it's currently at 780k DPS single target Barrage now without flasks(100k per arrow, 5 arrows, so 500k + point blank = 750k+) with the potential of 1M+ (just get a helmet enchant of +2 barrage projectiles for 1M+ and bleed support lvl 21 for 1.1M+)

With flasks damage has potential to go 1.7M+. I'm not even sure if Path Of building counts the 50% extra damage of Drillneck.

The main items here are Doomfletch, Drillneck and Queen of The Forest Body Armour. With items, ascendancy nodes and Grace Aura I'm currently sitting at 34k evasion with 7 frenzy charges (which are up all the time thanks to the ascendancy node Way of The Poacher which is the first node you'll get after your normal lab, with that much evasion I got around 140% increased movespeed permanently, which helps me greatly on clearing maps/running lab/dodging boss attacks.

Oh and I almost forgot, the build has also 6% hp regen/sec which helps alot on lab runs as well.

Path of building link of my character:

Character Stats:
Note that Path of Building I'm not sure if it considers the 50% extra damage from Drillneck in stats shown, but let's consider that at melee range I do 780k dps without any Barrage helmet enchantment and no flasks, which is enough to kill shaper already. Left image is without flasks and right image is with flasks, there is still room to improve greatly with the +2 barrage helmet enchantment.

My gear


Flat phys on your items are the most important thing on the build because it scales with the Doomfletch Prism attacks, so it actually gives you a base 330% of that damage of all elements



I picked Oak for the life regen and Phys damage, but it's possibly better to choose +2 to passive points

Main Gem links in the order you need to get for better DPS


Chance to Bleed is one of the best gems for Doomfletch because it adds A LOT of flat physical DPS so it scales with your elemental damage.. it adds much more damage than the bow itself at level 20 gem

Tornado Shot + GMP + Chance to Bleed + Pierce + Phys Proj + Weapon Elemental Damage with Attacks or Ele Focus

Barrage + Chance to Bleed + Phys Proj + Weapon Ele Damage + Ele Focus + Slower Proj

You can actually put GMP somewhere in there until you get the "Adds and additional Arrow" on drillneck, it usually increases your DPS slightly better than our 4th and 5th link

Also, it makes no difference where if you link Barrage on bow or Chest, just like Tornado Shot



Always look for a Veridian Jewel with these:

Increased maximum life %

Then pick two of the following:
Physical damage with bows
Projectile Damage
Attack Speed with Bows
Attack Speed

I'm not sure how to link my jewels here but I got three of them with increased maximum life 5-7%, increased physical damage with bows and increased projectile damage, I think these combinations give us the highest dps.

Flask Setup


Maybe you can grab a Vinktar with Lightning damage to attacks instead of a Silver Flask but I use it to get some immunity to bleeding for 6 seconds, it is up to personal preference. The Jade Flask is used for extra movespeed (200%+) instead of quicksilver flask because not only it gives a better movespeed increase percentage but it also gives you extra evasion rating so it's a buff on defence as well.

Will update with some more information tomorrow!
IGN gubert
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PoB calculates Point Blank u just need to put projectile travel distance in configuration
how would 5L do in this build?
PoB calculates Point Blank u just need to put projectile travel distance in configuration

Thanks!! Updated
IGN gubert
Magicians wrote:
how would 5L do in this build?

Gems are actually in order of first links to last links, last link on Barrage should be slower proj, while last link on TS should be Ele Damage with Attacks or Ele Focus, depends on which of them you choose.. I think Ele damage with attacks is better because it can cause status ailments, I didn't link it in there just because I had an Elemental focus gem lvl 19 20% and I just got the 6th link on my bow.
IGN gubert
1756 dps with 5l,wtf?
I'll make a pathfinder variation out of this!

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