[3.0.1] Queue's Hegemony's Era Crit Sunder Slayer 3 APS CHEAP

Very Cheap Crit Sunder using Hegemony's Era Staff

**340K Shaper/Guardian DPS**

The new support gem for 3.0, ruthless, is the gem I wanted to build around.

Ruthless gives a huge MORE modifier every 3rd attack, to proc this we scale up Attack Speed!

Combine these with the best melee skill, sunder, and the other physical gems that have MORE modifiers and you get tons of damage. Then, to add more damage why not go crit?

The gear to make this build work is very cheap at the moment.

* 5L Hegemony's ~25c
* Carcass Jack ~12c
* Carnage Heart ~10c
* Rumi's ~3c
* Lion's Roar ~10c
* Starkonja's ~1c
* Belt of Deceiver ~1c
* Rare gear ~5c for all
* Jewels ~1c ea

Total Cost:
~60c or about an Exalt.

For a non-budget version you're going to want the best meta melee gear:

* 6L Hegemony ~350c
* Kaom's Heart ~350c
* Bicos/carnage heart ~90c
* Taste of Hate ~200c
* Devoto's/Starkjona with Sunder Damage Enchant ~50c
* Rare Gear ~400c
* Jewels ~40c ea

Pros / Cons

* Shaper Down

* VERY cheap with budget gear
* Fast
* Sustains itself with leech
* Ability to do lab quick
* High Block chance (60%)
* Shaper viable, guardian farming viable.
* Uses a staff
* Can do ele reflect maps, and won't die to phys reflect mob because of leech.
* Can do most map most excluding cannot leech.
* Good Boss Killer


* Capping Crit is difficult
* Lacks some defensive Mitigation
* Namelock with multistrike (clunky) but fast!!

Passive Tree:


This is the best tree you could really get for this build, and for those final 9 points to level 100 you want to grab the other two jewel slots.

Jewels are extremely important, because each jewel slot can effectively give you 45% crit multi with the correct jewels, which is a lot of damage.

Budget Gear:

These are the necessary uniques.
Hegemony's has synergy with lions roar to give you powercharges.
Carnage is what you need for slayer builds.
Starkonja's has everything we want in this order: life attack speed, and crit.
Deceiver Belt gives enemies intimidate, which makes enemies take 10% increased damage.
Carcass is perfect for this build because sunder scales on AOE and we get AOE damage and more Area.
Rumi's Adds on to our defenses.


Kaom's heart gives us the healthy we need. This is really important as it would be difficult to reach high hp without it.
Hegemony 6L gives us all the damage we need.
Rare Spiked gloves with flat accuracy give us damage by making us more accurate and therefore critting more often.
Steel Rings/Diamond Rings with Flat accuracy and flat phys add to our damage.
Rare two toned boots help us cap res for biscos.
Taste of Hate gives us more damage and phys mitigation.

For rares, grab MS on boots and resists and also life. Gloves need attack speed and resists. Rings should be diamond with life, resists, and flat phys.


I am using a different set up with conc effect and faster attacks because I don't have the right color sockets. And damage on full life works well with slayer because you don't stop leeching once you hit full life. Also, I switched out Damage on Full life with Crit Chance and it seems to be much better.

Multistrike > Faster Attacks, Its personal preference. Multistrike gives you two times more APS than attack speed.

6L in Hegemony

Helmet Aura's/Herald with Curse on Hit

Gloves with Leap Slam/AW

Boots w/ CWDT + IC + Blood Rage + Golem


Seething life flask, don't really need though.
Granite flask with freeze immunity.
Lion's roar for the knockback and MORE phys damage.
Diamond flask for crit, can put staunching on it or shock immunity.
Rumi's for additional block chance.


In this order: Max Life, area damage, crit multi/chance, attack speed,
1% block with staves.

This is if you want defense/not focusing on crit.

I am focusing on crit so I have jewels with:

Global crit multi
Melee Crit Multi
Two handed Crit multi


Overall Very Fun and Fast
Main Stats Are:

* 5 APS
* 37% Block Chance without Rumi's (52% with 15% Rumi)
* 39% Chance to Evade
* 50% crit chance with golem and power charges
* About 2% life leech
* About 90% accuracy

Let the summer ride and fall guide

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This Build is Not Complete

This build is far from optimized! But it works with the very minimal gear and gems!

I will be updating with videos, and build optimization!
Updated the Build

Guardians Done!

* Added End Gear
* Added Level 90 Tree
* Added Better Jewels
* Added better Gem Links
is carnage heart amulet the BIS for neck?

Does it help a lot wirth life leech?
What bandit did you take or better off with points?

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