(3.0 Raider) Ele Cold/Light TS [Guardians, Shaper]

-- Keep in mind this is a brand new guide, therefore there's constantly changes being made. Be sure to F5 frequently.


Hello, I’m decypher. I’ve been playing PoE on and off since Dec 2012, only starting to play heavily in Breach. I’ve achieved end-game content on various builds, but Tornado Shot definitely stands out for me, and I typically greatly dislike ranged builds.

I’m not a fan of guides that have information blasted everywhere (sorry, Neversink), so this is going to be a to the point guide. The build is based around using TS as your main bread and butter, which does excessive amounts of elemental damage either by means of Cold or Lightning, which is supported by our gem links and items we put them in.

We are not crit-based, therefore our damage is static and what you see is what you get. I’m not the original theorycrafter of this build by any means. It started with a small discussion of build interest with anapoe, and then I ended up playing the build and enjoying it. Here I am now with permission to write the guide.


Notable 3.0 changes for Ele TS:

Added Lightning Support now does 17.5% more damage at gem level 20.

More flat lightning damage, yay.


Weapon Elemental Damage Support has been renamed Elemental Damage with Attacks Support. It has been reduced in power at all levels, from 40% to 35% at gem level 1, up to 54% more Elemental Damage with Attack skills at gem level 20.

A nerf, but nothing terrible.


Innervate Support has been reworked. It now grants 20% chance to shock at all levels (up from 15). At level 1 of the gem, it grants 1-25 added Lightning damage to supported skills, up to 11-218 added Lightning damage at level 20, and grants Innervation for 4 seconds on slaying a shocked enemy with a supported skill. At level 1, the Innervation buff grants 1 to 17 added Lightning damage for 4 seconds, up to 8-145 added Lightning damage at level 20. Innervate now has a 130% Mana Cost multiplier.

Innervate is now super good for clearing. The same applies for Ice Bite for our cold variant. Ice Bite always grants Frenzy Charges now, so that’s cool.



- Extremely fast playstyle and clear speed
- Not crit-based
- Can face tank red maps/guardians
- You look cool as hell with Phasing
- Not exactly meta to my knowledge?
- Can run any map-mod thanks to Yugul pantheon power


- Bow builds are historically expensive, therefore this is a rough build for a league starter
- “OP” single target (guardians, etc) is really only achieved with good +2 Barrage enchant



- Roughly 78% more “effective DPS”, and 29% more “in combat DPS”
- Shock
- Evasion based (up to >51% chance to evade outside of combat)
- Excels at face tanking due to Point Blank
- More expensive


- Roughly 78% less “effective DPS”, and 29% less “in combat DPS”
- Shatter
- Armor based (up to >13k armor)
- Excels at range due to Far Shot
- More budget
- Starts stronger due to cold nodes being available very early in tree

To be added.



To be added.


Phoenix (Elemental Weakness, 42% monster life, and 40% more monster res)


T13 Shaped Shore

T13 Waterways


Rather than having multiple sections (defense, offense, gear.. etc), I am just going to have a gear section and discuss piece-by-piece why we use what we use.


TS/Lightning Pen/Added Lightning/GMP/Ele Damage with Attacks/Innervate or Ele Focus on red map bosses/guardians/shaper.

If you don’t have a 6L Tempest, or one in general, use a rare 6L chest in the meantime.

Also for your weapon, make use of Glare.

Drillneck has really everything we want in this build - IAS, evasion rating, max life (albeit lower than a rare quiver, but still), and 50% increased damage to pierced targets. The unfortunate thing though is, unless we can get lucky and get the “Adds an additional arrow” mod with a Vaal, it’s not worth using over a rare quiver.

If that’s your case, then a rare quiver like such will suffice in the meantime:

CCWDT(1), Immortal Call(1), Increased Duration, Vaal Haste

*We keep WDT/IC lvl 1 so it triggers very often, and use Increased Duration to support the loss of not leveling it.

Our helm is important because it holds our +2 TS/Barrage enchant. Do your best to achieve as much max life as possible, as well as some resist rolls. Keep in mind to use a good base (like a Praetor Crown - 62str, 91int base), otherwise you may struggle with achieving the stat requirements.

If you have the funds, have one +2 TS helm for mapping, and one +2 Barrage helm for red guardians/shaper. It’s not necessary, but if you really want to min-max.

*Keep in mind you’re not held to having your helm as your IC trigger - you can do gloves or boots. I merely chose helm.

Summon Ice Golem/Empower(>2)/???

Gems and links are preference, although a good idea is to link your golem to Empower(>2).

As we rely on evasion for defense, the more we get, the faster we go.

In general the mods are sought after for us - high evasion rating, max life, tri-res.

We’re looking for:

- +1 to max frenzy charges
- Max life
- Increased elemental damage w/ attack skills
- Res

However, if you cannot get that due to budget, then consider something like this:

We're looking for:

- Increased elemental damage w/ attack skills
- Lightning damage to attacks
- Max life
- Res

Fill whatever else you may need (int, str, etc). For our 2nd ring, look for similar.

We’re looking for:

- Increased elemental damage w/ attack skills
- Max life
- Res
- Str

We’re looking for:

- Evasion rating
- Max life
- Res
- IAS (if you can get)

My gloves are currently supporting our CoH for Warlord’s Mark via HoT:

CoH/Warlord’s Mark(12)/HoT/???

HoT constantly triggers, therefore we support Warlord’s Mark through curse on hit to provide us with life/mana leech, and more important our endurance charges to support Immortal Call.

These things are perfect for our build! The best part is, they’re really cheap (literally ~1alch)

My boots are currently supporting Vaal Clarity:

Vaal Clarity/Increased Duration/???/???

We don’t really “need” Vaal Clarity, but TS is expensive and we don’t really any forms of leech other than our curse. So, with that said, it helps to use on single target events. It’s quality of life, really.

Nerfed, but still the best flask in the game. It’s so good.

100% increased evasion rating.

Go fast. Can swap to whatever on guardians if you want. Overflowing Chalice is really good and helps sustain your flasks on single target.


3000+ to evasion rating.

Essentially, just spam your flasks and go warp speed around the map while blowing everything up.


You only need to change a few things to play the cold variant.

TS/Cold Pen/Added Cold/GMP/Ele Damage with Attacks/Ice Bite or Ele Focus on red map bosses/guardians/shaper.

This bow was changed with 3.0 to add the Far Shot mod. As this build favors playing at a range, this is the perfect bow for us.

You can choose to instead opt for rare gloves like we do in our lightning variant.

Also make the following changes:

- Wherever we had “lightning damage to attacks, etc” on gear with our lightning variant, just change that to cold.
- Use HoI instead of HoT
- Lightning Golem instead of Ice Golem
- Grace instead of Wrath.

End-game lightning tree.

End-game cold tree.


So leveling a brand-new league starter (or SSF) with a bow is absolute aids. I’d really recommend leveling as something else, and swapping to bows later. But, if you’re like me and for some reason want to start bows, then I’d probably start…

Like this.

And then do this.

And finish off like at EO this.

From there on it’s all about making adjustments that you personally need. Do you need more evasion/life? Start from the beginning and change your path to Finesse (i.e. get rid of all of the proj dmg nodes, Heart of Oak, etc) and re-path with Orbs of Regret.

Take jewel nodes when you have good jewels.

Take Point Blank (if lightning) when you feel it’ll benefit you to play close up (after VP, prob).

For our cold users, the tree remains essentially entirely the same, minus our start near the bottom of the tree. You pick up your cold nodes early (see image below):

As far as a check-list of notable uniques to wear:

- Tabula until a good 5L
- Silverbranch > Storm Cloud > Roth’s Reach > ?
- Goldrimm > ?
- Karui Ward > ?
- Wurm’s Molt > Primsweave
- Wanderlust > Wake of Destruction > ?
- Hrimsorrow > ?
- Elreon rings

As far as a check-list of what skills to use, it’s a very difficult section to expand on, because it’s all preference. I personally did:

Shrapnel Shot > Ice Shot (or Lightning Arrow) > TS (or Blast Rain)

And used whatever other gems worked at the time (2 heralds, sometimes 3 if Vaal Clarity), etc. Just be sure to level your prime end-game gems at all times when possible.

Finally, for my purposes more than anyone else's really, here's a changelog of all the stuff that was added to the post.

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