3.0 The MG42 aka forking barrage deadeye


This is the first build I've ever done myself, so mostly I am posting this as a way to get feedback, so any construtive criticism is very much welcome. I can't reccomend following it in it's current form as it is unproven.

That said, the build is focused on raw phys dmg supplemented by bleed and makes use of several mechanics to score critical strikes as well. Using the fork and pierce combination it can clear very effectively and retains solid single target damage by virtue of using barrage.

Start of mapping skilltree


Finalized Skilltree


Early mapping phase item build






For the rest I used rares to get my resist and base health up.

Endgame Items

As I progress and level up I transition the build into making use of Fork to greatly enhance my clear speed.


Quiver: Rigwald's Quills, not yet acquired
Helmet: Rat's Nest, not yet acquired
Belt: The Retch, not yet acquired

Rest of the appropriately rolled rares


Currently the number one thing I am not sure about. Barrage is obvious, but I am not yet too clear on supporting skills. What I curently assume would be best is the following.

Damage dealing

Barrage pre Rigwalds: Barrage->PPAD->Maim->GMP->Fork->Brutality
Barrage post Rigwalds: Barrage->PPAD->Maim->GMP->LMP/FP->Brutality

Ballista totem 4L: Ballista->FA->PPAD->FP
Ballista totem possible 6L: Ballista->FA->PPAD->FP->Brutality->Maim


This is the category I am most unsure about and will welcome advice with. Nothing about this is final but so far I expect to get most use out of these ones.

Assasins mark: ASS->Blasphemy->IAoE
Arctic Armour

I hope to make use of red dream to generate some endu charges and power immortal call then have it on cwdt.

Immortal Call: Call->CWDT->ID
Purity of Elements cause why the hell not.

This still leaves me with space for additional skill but I can't decide what to go for here. Possibly Blood Rage? Advice needed.

My current character is on lvl 76 and so far the build does what it is supposed to even in it's largely uncomplete format, my main concerns currently are increasing survivability by getting that IC set up and reaching vaal pact (bit late on that I know). Feel free to start yelling at me now, thanks in advance for any tips and advice.
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I would suggest a golem with the cwdt link for your last slot.
Any videos of the build in action? I would like to see the playstyle before trying it.
I would suggest a golem with the cwdt link for your last slot.
Any videos of the build in action? I would like to see the playstyle before trying it.

I don't have anything myself but I found this which is similar, though old as balls. But it showcases the main skill at least.

Is it even possible to pierce and chain and fork ? I thought chain and pierce cancel each other out. Are you sure of the synergy ?

Your projectiles aren't going to chain much here which makes deadeye worthless. The order of operations will be: Projectile hits a target, pierces the target(from drillneck) and bleeds the target. They impact a 2nd target behind the first(no bleed). They then fork to a 3rd/4th target, and only after hitting this target can they possibly chain(and I don't even know the interaction between Fork and Pierce with the 3.0 changes, if the targets get to pierce again from drillneck pierce after fork, you then have to pierce again before chaining).

In either case, you really need to determine if you're getting the chain function from deadeye. I think it will only happen in rare cases.

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