[3.0] Dyadus Molten Strike/Sunder, budget gears make all content easy

This build is inspired by

I made some changes and I think now it is a fast build for mapping and also a strong boss killer, easily (budget gear) over 2M+ single target MS dps.

The idea is using Sunder and Ancestral Warchief totem for fast mapping, so no need to swap skills. For guardian/shaper or hard content, just use sunder for mobs and swap sunder with molten strike for bosses.

It is a budget build so we use Dyadus rather than Brutus' Lead Sprinkler as our weapon, we use Ngamahu Tiki rather than Xoph's Blood as amulet. Actually for mapping we want to use Bisco's Collar so I don't think it worth to invest on Xoph's Blood since the dps is already high enough, but if you happen to have one, then of course it is much better than Ngamahu Tiki.

Path of Building code



Sunder/Molten Strike - Conc Effect - Fire Penetration - Multistrike - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Elemental Focus

Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Fortify - Blood Magic

cwdt(20/20) - Fire Storm - Summon Lightning Golem

Ancestral Protector (use with Molten Strike)

For mapping:
Ancestral Warchief - Conc Effect - Elemental Focus - Elemental Damage with Attacks (for bosses, on essence of hysteria gloves)
cwdt (lv2) - immortal call (for porcupine)

Anger, Blasphemy - Flammability

Vaal skills:
vaal haste - vaal lightning trap - increased duration

Required Gears

Weapon: Dyadus is very cheap so look for a high roll one.

One may also buy one with culling strike or try to vaal it yourself.

We use Lycosidae instead of dual wielding, because hits cannot be evaded and we can use shield charge which feels much better than leap slam.

Helmet with Molten Strike projectile enchant, buy any cheap base and then craft it with essence of greed or alt/regal, or buy a rare with with high life and resists.


Other gears, how to shop budget gears

Amulet: use
for mapping

for serious stuffs. You should buy high roll Araku Tiki and prophecy A Forest of False Idols to get Ngamahu Tiki instead of buying one. If not getting a high roll Ngamahu Tiki, you can sell or vaal it.

Rings: on poe.trade just search rings with high "increased fire damage with attack skills" and high "total elemental resistance", try to find open prefix ones so you can craft life yourself. (if you have more currency of course you should look for rings with high life also)


Armor: BIS is Belly of the Beast
, if you cannot afford 6L Belly, cheaper option is buy 6L base which can easily roll this color. You can buy a base directly or buy divination cards The Celestial Justicar or Emperor of Purity then craft. Emperor of Purity is very cheap, I bought it for 4c each at Day 2 of the leauge. ilvl 60 seems low but you can get up to 89 life, and if you want more life you can use essence of greed.

Boots: Just rare ones with high life, 30 movement speed and some resists. Another option is to use Kaom's Roots, but then we have to use leap slam instead of shield charge.

Gloves: For mapping I recommend using essence of hysteria gloves to put 4L Warchief

For serious stuffs where you will switch sunder with molten strike for bosses, just use rare gloves with 14+ attack speed, life and resists.
, or you may also consider using essence of insanity gloves,
, but I think it is not needed unless you use leap slam.

Try to buy jewel which apply to both Sunder and Molten Strike, the following mods:
increased attack speed
increased attack and cast speed
increased attack speed while holding a shield
increased attack speed with one handed melee weapons
increased attack speed with axes
increased damage
increased area damage
increased fire damamge
increased maximum life

You may also use jewels for resists.

you want fire resist be the highest uncapped resist


Use sunder or charged dash with warchief to level
Limbsplit -> Geofri's Baptism -> Cauterizer
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Immolate over EleFokus gives you more dps. Especially lvl 21 immolate.
Nice write up.

I want to try Molten Strike next league, probably something like this or Elementalist Witch.

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