[3.0] Spectral Throw Ele/Crit - Elementalist/Inquisitor - All Content

***This is my very first Guide, i'm open for any kind of comments and critiques!***

One of my favorite skills to use is Spectral Throw, in my opinion it's smooth to play, especially with the seraph skill effect. The general idea was to use this skill gem and to rely on Critical strikes. So i ended up choosing the Scion class for that particular reason and i'm pretty happy how it worked out.
The general concept is the combination with Elementalist and Inquistor. You get Conflux for 6 seconds when you kill a Rare or Unique enemy (Elementalist) and 120% increased Critical strike Chance against enemies affected by Elemental Ailments (Inquisitor). Reflect monsters are no problem thanks to Elementalist and the Pantheon node with 25% reduced Damage taken, even relfect mods on maps.

All in all this build is an allrounder, it can do all content, has great clearspeed, high mobility, run's 95% of Map Mods, is rather "tanky" and thanks to Vaal Pact it can facetank nearly all T1-T15 Map Bosses.

**Not the cheapest build to start with, but after doing merciless Laybrinth and ascending to Elementalist + Inquisitor it will be getting easier.**

Map Runs

Beloved Gorge:

Shaped Shore - Beyond + 4 Sextant Mods:

Shaped Atoll:

Beloved Strand:

1. Guardians

2. Pros/Cons


1. Pros

- High mobility -> Thanks to Shield Charge/Leap Slam and the natuarlly high Attack Speed
- Fast clearspeed: Trash mobs are mostly One-shots
- "Tanky" -> Vaal Pact makes it possible/ ~6k Life
- Can do all content
- Can do 95% of Map Mods (Can't run no leech)
- 100% Hitchance -> Lycosidae
- Cannot be stunned -> Kaoms Roots

2. Cons

- Can take some time/gear to get the build started
- not that cheap -> depending on weapon with elemental Damage

3. Passive Tree

4. Ascendancy


1.Witch - Elementalist (3 pts)
2.Templar - Inquisitor (3 pts)

The last 2 Ascendany points can be spend as you like. I chose 1 extra Skill Point and +40 Strength, depending on gear you can choose 2 extra skill points.

5. Gear


My current Gear:

6. Gem setup


Spectral Throw + Elemental Damage with Attacks + Added Lightning Damage + Faster Attacks + GMP + Increased Critical Strike Chance

For Bosses you have to switch GMP with slower Projectiles, like in every ST build.

Herald of Ice + Curse on Hit + Onslaught + Assassin's Mark

Shield Charge + Faster Attacks + Fortify

Wrath + Blood Rage + Summon Ice Golem

CWDT + Immortal Call + Leap Slam + Summon lightning Golem

7. Bandits


8. Flasks

My current Flasks

9. Stat priorities


-Max Life
-Elemental Damage to Attacks
-Attack Speed
-Adds Fire/Lightning/Cold Damage to Attacks

10. Leveling Trees


45 Points Passive Tree:

After you reached the node Vitality Void, you can skill out of Soul Siphon.

60 Points Passive Tree:

80 Points Passive Tree:

100 Points Passive Tree:

Level 108 Passive Tree:

11. Leveling tips


I didn't start the league with this character, so i am not sure how leveling will be from scratch.
Take Sunder (use Cleave until you get Sunder) for leveling and have Spectral Throw leveling aside. You can use a 2H weapon or 1H and shield, pretty much depending and what gear you have. I would recommend the highest physical 2H weapon you can get. Up until level 60ish that's your way of leveling, after that you can decide on your own when to switch to Spectral Throw. I can recommend doing it after you completed Merci Lab and ascended both classes. I'm using a 1H weapon and shield for multiple reason. 1. Shield Charge -> great movement skill -> allows you to use Kaoms Roots and not rely that much on movement Speed itself. 2. Lycosidae, enemies can't evade attacks -> 100% Hit chance + a bit max Life. Weapons in the middle of the league with 300+ eDps are not that expensive, try to get one with Attack Speed and atleast 6 Base Crit Chance if possible.

If you struggle with mana, there are multiple option to compensate that:

1. Mana Flask!

2. Thrill Killer/ Soul Siphon and Mana leech are easy solutions. Elreon rings are fine aswell or Thiefs Torment.

First Class you should ascend to is Elementalist after Cruel Lab

Auras for leveling: Grab all three Herald Auras as early as possible in Act 2. After that you can switch to Herald of Ice and Hatred in Act 3. When you transitioned from Sunder to Spectral Throw (and also switched weapon from physical to elemental damage) you will using Herald of Ice and Wrath. (~lvl 60+ ,same time when you ascended both classes.)

Sundere is just so good for leveling that you might wanna swap to ST as late as possible. (Level 68ish) Then you will have good gear to swap in.

If you feel like your gear is already good enough those are the setups for ST.

After you swapped to Spectral Throw

Try to get a 5L asap, but for now:

4L Spectral Throw: Spectral Throw + added Lightning Damage + Lesser Multiple Projectiles + Elemental Damage with Attacks


5L Spectral Throw: Spectral Throw + added Lightning Damage + Greater Multiple Projectiles + Elemental Damage with Attacks + Faster Attacks


6l Spectral Throw: Spectral Throw + added Lightning Damage + Greater Multiple Projectiles + Elemental Damage with Attacks + Faster Attacks + Increased Critical Strike Chance


Try to have lightning resistance as highest capped, because your lightning damage will be the highest of the three elements! (Flask: The Wise Oak)

Always remember to take Slower Projectiles for bosses with you!!

12. Leveling Gear


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hi ! thx for this build ! i wanna try this ...

any advice for leveling ? stuff ?

thx !
I used sunder for leveling, just have Spectral Throw leveling aside. As for gear, you can use nearly any 2 handed weapon with decent physical damage, the transition to full ele dmg is later on when you have ascended both classes. The skill tree should like this for leveling https://www.pathofexile.com/fullscreen-passive-skill-tree/3.0.1/AAAABAABAQOWBbUPqxGBFHUWvxjbIuokiyaVMHw7KEp9UUdW-l-wYENh4mHrY6dnoG49bydvnnTxd9d4-XpTft1_K4MJhMWHdo25jb-PYJpqmyabtcM6ykrLvc963Ubjn-aB6Nb9bg==
try to take all life nodes on the way. Try to reach the node Vitality Void asap. The last nodes you should take are the ones for crit chance and crit multiplier.
NICE thx !
Why grab the 40 strength on the ascendancy and not the 2 passive skill points from witch ascendancy?
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Hey, can you do a more in-depth leveling guide? For example your tree.
sladverr wrote:
Why grab the 40 strength on the ascendancy and not the 2 passive skill points from witch ascendancy?

Your absolutely right, i'll update it.
UziArab wrote:
Hey, can you do a more in-depth leveling guide? For example your tree.

I will ^^
Hi, any reason why don't you take Iron Reflexes ? This way you'd convert all the evasion you'd normally lose due to Unwavering Stance
how do you generate charges?

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